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Top 8 Study Apps for Secondary School Students

Definitely, there is no shortcut to studies, but there are various ways that can make it easier. Studying at the library and with the help of a secondary school tutor has its own fancies but studying through the use of technology is actually fun.

There are numerous apps for secondary school students that can actually make studying much more at ease and fun. Study apps in your mobile and laptops enable easy access and better handling of notes.

Here are some of the study apps that will not only help you in understanding the subject better but will also make your studies interesting and exciting.

1. Queri

This Singapore’s local app was created in the year 2015 that enabled students to get answers to their troubled questions through credits in a bidding system. The student posts his question and puts credits against the answer to that question.

The other users place bids in order to give the right reply and earn credits on right answers. Queri uses the reward earned in return as a way to increase the interest of the users to make sure that the chances are leaving a question unanswered are a few.

2. Quizlet Go

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Do you always have a trouble understanding the diagrams and memorizing them? Quizlet Go will let you create your own study sets and will also let you browse others’ study sets. The diagram topics are endless varying from civil war battles, the structure of the heart to airport codes. This app lets you find and study interactive diagrams on a go.

3. Miao

Miao is a Singapore-based free math app whose beta was released in the year 2016. This app enables posting the question in a photo form. You can simply take a snap of your question and this app uses a processing algorithm to identify and analyze the basis of the question.

It then displays the related information and also shows other similar questions for practice. In the words of Miao’s co-founder and chief executive Betty Zhou, this app is more of a learning tool than a problem solver.

4. My Study Life

Do you always fail to make a proper schedule for exams and homework? This app can help you in planning and making your studies easier. My Study Life manages all your classes, assignments and presents them before you in a beautiful and identifiable manner.

It also syncs all your data with other devices and saves your data in the cloud. It notifies you of all your unfinished tasks and of upcoming tasks. Moreover, you can use it offline without having access to the internet.

5. Todoist Premium

This app is actually multitalented. It is best for organizing a student’s life that lives away from home and has the responsibility of managing everything else along with studies. It sorts out everything from the shopping list, laundry to work assignments that are to be submitted. You can add anything that is in your to-do list and this app will make you remember when required.

6. MyScript Calculator

This is indeed an interesting math study app which helps in making math interesting. This app will enable you to write with a feel of pen and paper even while connected to a digital world.

With this study app, you can actually solve mathematical equations manually through the use of a tablet or phone. Solving mathematical equations by hand will let students grasp the formulas easily as against using the traditional calculator.

MyScript identifies your handwriting and helps you solve the simple to complex equations. However, it is not a free app and charges a one-time fee of $1.99.

7. Snapask

Snapask is a study app from Hong Kong which recently gained popularity in Singapore in November 2016. 20% of its user base is from Singapore out of its 7800 tutor users and 150000 student users.

For the students, it sells monthly packages varying on the number of questions they seek to ask, whereas, for tutors, they earn a fee on every question they answered. Snapask poses itself as a platform where students can get their queries solved and as when they want.

Snapask’s head of customer success of Singapore says they try to match the availability of online tutors to the time when most queries are raised by students to be the maximum.

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8. Forest

This is one study app which is focused towards the planting of trees in addition to increasing the focus of students in whatever they are doing. Each activity you do is given a stipulated focused time represented by each tree in your virtual forest.

It involves an in-app purchase of virtual coins that are used for planting new trees in your forest. Over 248,000 trees have been planted through this initiation. It is not a free app and charges a one-time fee of $1.99.

Wrapping Up

These were some of the must-have apps that every secondary school student should use. So, go ahead and download today!

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