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10 Ways to Improve Your Child’s Study Habits

No kid likes homework and studies willingly. Do your kid throws tantrums too while studying? We understand you. The best way to make kids focus on studies is by making the entire studying process more fun and easy.

Here are a few tried and tested ways which would improve your child’s study habits and would help them focus better.

 1. Set an Idle Place to Study

Designate a study area for your child to focus properly. This space should be free from any noise, has sufficient sunlight coming in, and it should be tidy and welcoming but not cozy.

Make sure that when your kid sits down to study, there are no distractions like TV, mobile or other gadgets that can seek their attention. Additionally, make them sit down facing a wall rather than a window so that they can focus on their studies whole-heartedly.

 2. Provide Breaks in Between

Do not make your child study for hours. This is because it kills their productivity and performance by draining them instead-out.

It is important to remember here that young students have a short attention span and they might quickly lose their interest in studying. Thus, instead of urging your child to study straight for hours make them study in batches. Give them playtime and snacks in between to keep their interest alive.

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Also, don’t make them study a particular subject for too long. Keep changing after 20 minutes or so or as required according to the syllabus in each subject.

3. Stick To the Schedule

It’s really hard to stick to the schedule but definitely not impossible. Further, it is comparatively easier to study if you go as scheduled. This will enhance your child’s performance and would boost their speed.

It is highly recommended to make a proper schedule for the day and make your child follow it. They are likely to go off track, but gradually, they will start sticking to the schedule as days pass by.  Making your child stick to the schedule also helps them learn time management and be disciplined.

4. Study with Incentives

Motivate your kid to complete the homework, as a tasty dish awaits them. Or, if they solve all their math problems, you will allow them to watch TV for an hour, and so on.

These are a few simple ways by which you can build interest in your kids towards study. Such a practice acts as a motivation and encourages them to complete their homework and assignments.

The anticipation of getting something makes them focused and increases their energy level. This makes studies enjoyable, thereby making your task easier.

5. Focus on Child’s Reading and Memorizing Skills

According to the basic rule of thumb, you should make your child study the difficult subject first. This is because once a difficult subject is studied properly, it would become easier to continue with the easy ones later on.

Also, it is comparatively easier to study the difficult subjects when your kid is starting fresh and not drained out. Additionally, help your child memorize by heart by reading and writing. Speaking out loud will enable them to learn faster.

6. Practice Test

Provide practice test to your child after completing every topic and increase the length of tests as the syllabus gets wider. To make them memorize the things perfectly, make sure your child understands the basic concepts instead of just memorizing them by heart.

It is important to make your child memorize by understanding even if your child isn’t asking for the meaning. This is something you should be really careful about.

7. Answer Their Questions

Encourage your kid to ask questions. This helps them in clearing their doubts and also widens their horizon.

Additionally, be patient while answering them. They should be free to ask a question without hesitation. To make them feel at ease, do not get irritated while explaining them.

However, it is always the best practice to let your child figure out the answers to their questions before helping them out. This would help in the development of their brain.

Moreover, when you let your kid find answers to their questions on their own, they feel more confident and this boosts their interest in studying.

8. Help Them Make Notes

Learning how to make notes is an essential part of studying. Notes help in easy and retained learning and help your kid go through the important points easily.

You can even help them in making the notes by helping them understand what is important and what is not.

9. Provide Support

Help you kid in doing their homework or in their studies, whenever they need it. However, don’t do their homework for them, but just help them out by reading the instructions, explaining them the stuff and by helping them in solving the math problems if they have already attempted them.

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Sometimes, your kids can get frustrated over an assignment just because it is too tough or boring. Helping them out in such situations helps them in rebuilding their interest and focus better.

10. Set Goals

Undoubtedly, having something to look forward to at the end of all the hard work keeps the motivation alive. Thus, you can set monthly targets and reward them whenever they achieve it.

For instance, you can reward them with a new toy once they complete 30 hours of study with their math tutor, or take them for shopping when they study for a week without throwing any tantrums.

However, care should be taken that you reward them for their efforts and not on the final result. This way, your kid would also inculcate the habit of making full efforts rather than worrying about the results.

Over to You

We hope all the tips mentioned above would have made studies more fun and exciting experience for your kids. Did we miss anything? Do let us know in the comments below.

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