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How to Handle Stressful Parents as a Student


As a student, life can be overwhelming when you have to deal with exams, your social life, and your parents’ expectations. 

It’s important to manage each aspect of your life, so that you can preserve your health and keep up with your schoolwork. 

In this article, I cover ways to handle stressful parents as a student. 

Here are the tips I have for you:

Take a Breath When They Frustrate You


You may have heard this before and are tired of it, but it works. 

When things are getting heated and your parents are starting to lash out at you, it helps to take a breath or practice deep breathing. 

It can be as simple as taking a breath where you are if you’re unable to excuse yourself. It will help calm you down

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Outside of these exchanges, taking deep breaths can also help you regulate your feelings whenever you feel pressured by your parents

Develop a Support System


When your parents aren’t a source of support, it’s especially important that you have your own support system

This can be your friends, other relatives, or someone else. Rely on your support system when you need to vent or ask for help. 

People in your life you can seek support from include your friends, teachers, or other trusted relatives. What matters the most is that you trust who you’re going to and that they make you feel safe with them. 

Focus on Your Physical Health


When you’re stressed, it’s not uncommon for you to develop unhealthy lifestyle habits. However, these unhealthy habits only serve to make you feel worse. 

Eat healthily and hydrate yourself—if you don’t like having plain water, consider putting fruits in your water or drinking tea instead. 

Having a healthy sleep routine also goes a long way. Being sleep-deprived is a stressor that you should avoid when already having to deal with your parents. 

Take Note of and Accept Your Own Feelings


You should remain mindful of your own emotions even when having to deal with your parents’ because that’s how you can manage them. 

When you know you’re stressed, you can take action to manage it

You have to process and accept these feelings as well, as bottling them up will only be harmful in the long run. 

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An alternative to help is online counselling. There are many resources that can help you with your stresses, such as CPH counselling, and WriteNow.Care

Talk to Your Parents About It


If you’re on good terms with your parents, you can consider talking to them about how they’re making you feel

Communication is important in all relationships, even child-parent ones. You may be able to stop your parents from doing some of the things that stress you out so much after talking to them.

Plan what you’re going to say before you bring up the conversation in case they ask what exactly they are doing that stresses or upsets you. 

That way, the conversation will go smoother. 

Rely on Your Teachers/Tutors


When you are dealing with stress at home, there’s a chance your grades will suffer

Go to your teachers or tutors if you need extra help with your studies and if you want, open up to them about your family situation. 

They will be able to help you catch up with work if you’re lagging behind and can become a part of your support network. 



Having stressful parents can stress you out as well, and it’s important that you manage the situation as much as you can so your grades don’t suffer. 

Remember to take care of yourself, and consider hiring a tutor if you need extra help with your grades!

Rum Tan

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