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5 Benefits of Yoga for Students

Cramming for exams, losing sleep over endless assignments, worrying over this semester’s grades—who said student life isn’t stressful?

Education is a major key to getting a stable job and building a career. The essence of learning is what molds us into contributing members of society.

However, studying can also be very stressful. There’s a lot of pressure that comes with getting passing grades or being at the top of the class.

This is why students need to take care of themselves. Better performance at school is guaranteed if you nourish your mind and body. One vital way to reduce and combat school-related stress is by practicing yoga.

Yoga is a meditative form of workout that will help rejuvenate and strengthen students. Read on to find out what benefits students will be getting from yoga practice!

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Reduces stress and anxiety 

A study involving 540,000 students across 72 countries revealed that most Singaporean students experience stress and anxiety over their grades.

Yoga is an exercise that’s known for reducing levels of stress. Executing the postures and practicing deep breathing techniques lets us calm down and release all the tension in the body.

It is also a guaranteed mood uplifter. This is why lots of people practice yoga first thing in the morning—so they can properly condition their minds.

Embracing stress will only make it harder for students to progress. So if you want to excel at school better (or just simply make it through), try practicing yoga to help soothe your nerves.

Improves concentration and mental alertness  

Not everybody finds it easy to concentrate in class. Sometimes, we either get easily distracted or find lectures way too mundane. Some students even sleep in class because they do not have any energy to pay attention.

Yoga is a great way to exercise our cognitive abilities. It improves mindfulness and develops our ability to focus. Having an “awake” mind will enable us to absorb the information being shared with us by our teachers.

Enhances memory and attention span

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Forgetfulness is not exclusive to aging adults. Many young people also forget even the smallest of details now and then.

However, having memory problems like this as well as having a short attention span will give students a hard time learning at school.

Since yoga practice helps improve cognitive abilities, it may enhance memory and aid children who are suffering from attention deficit disorders.

Yoga should be practiced regularly but should not be relied on by itself since there are also medications benign prescribed for this kind of problem.

Increases flexibility and corrects posture 

Sitting on a chair and looking at a board or a screen for nearly 8 hours a day can be exhausting for students too. Some of them might encounter issues with their back, necks, amongst others. It will be more difficult to go to class if they are experiencing any pains in the body.

Luckily, yoga practice is great for alleviating pain or reducing the risk of injuries. It increases our flexibility, tones our muscles, and corrects our posture by lengthening our spine.

It improves balance and coordination between our joints and muscles and also develops the right body alignment.

Promotes self-love and self-care 

The great thing about yoga is that it isn’t all about the body. It also gives importance to our hearts and spirits. Yoga teaches us the most important lesson of all—learning how to truly love and cherish ourselves.

If we do not take care of ourselves, how can we expect to survive our day-to-day life?

If we want to be truly successful in the things we do, we need to give ourselves a break every once in a while. We need to listen to what our body needs and what our mind wants.

This is especially the case for students who keep pushing themselves way too far.


Studying is indeed important. However, risking your physical and mental health over it is not necessarily worth it. Parents should encourage their children positively and teach them how to care for themselves.

Otherwise, it would be more difficult to surpass the challenges that academics may throw at them.

Yoga is a peaceful workout that is suitable for people of all ages. There are many things that yoga can do to help us live a life that’s happier and healthier.

Students might even make new friends by joining yoga classes, enabling them to connect more with like-minded individuals. This would be a good distraction from their problems at school.

If you are planning to add yoga to your weekly routines, join the best yoga classes in Singapore!

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