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Top Online Education Discount on Laptops for Your Child’s Home-based Learning amid Covid-19 Pandemic

Since the beginning of the outbreak of Covid-19 in the country, the Ministry of Education has announced here the start of home-based learning to ensure that students do not stop learning despite what is going on. Tutors have gone online here to assist their students with their home-based learning as well.

For students who do not have ready access to the internet or devices that will allow them to do so, the government has lent out around 3,300 devices and 200 internet dongles to assist them.

According to Ong Ye Kung on April 6, these devices have been given out before full-home based learning begins around the country from April 8 up to the tentative date of May 4.

Ong also said that schools will also do their best to help students who do not have access to home-based learning platforms. Some may even allow these students to go to school to keep up with their classes.

Ong further adds that full home-based learning is only happening now because they wanted to make sure that students from low-income families will get help first. We wouldn’t want to encourage them to take on additional financial burden on top of their student loan. 

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It also ensures that these students will still get some sense of normalcy despite the ongoing pandemic as some students are now taking long-term absences in fear of the virus despite the safety measures introduced here. Financial assistance will also be given to these families to ensure they are ok.

Best online education discount for laptops

If you are looking for the best online education discount for laptops to support your child’s home-based learning during this pandemic, here are some options you can consider.


Dell currently offers a 10% discount on all their products for students.

You simply have to submit a purchase form which indicates which item you wish to purchase and submit a copy of your child’s Singapore student card. Dell will review the request and contact you directly to complete the purchase.

The list of products eligible for the program are on their website. Their customer service team is also ready to assist if students and families have any questions about the program.


If you are looking for a large discount for laptops, you may want to check out Lenovo’s Student and Educator Program.

The program gives students and teachers alike a 15 to 20% discount on the brand’s best selling models such as Ideapad and Thinkpad.

To avail the discount and see what else Lenovo has to offer, you must sign up for an account in Lenovo’s special platform for the promo with your child’s school email address. Once you sign up with their details, you will be able to see the discounts available and other freebies you can get.


Apple currently offers a 0% instalment for 12 to 24 months for students who wish to purchase their Macbook products for school. It will even come with a one-year limited warranty and technical support.

They also offer a $150-$290 off for these laptops.


Microsoft is currently offering up to 15% off for its Surface laptop models for students looking for a laptop they can trust. The company also offers free bundles with their laptops such as free Office 365 programs and a 2-year extended warranty.

You simply have to present your child’s student details and use their school email address to sign up. The discount will automatically be added upon checkout once the system registers your child’s email address.


Razer currently has its Education Program to help students with their studies with their high end products.

Students simply have to sign up for the program through the program’s website with their student email address or use the StudentBeans platform.

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Once the account is confirmed, a student can get up to 5% off for Razer’s Blade laptop series and get a discount code they can use upon checkout. Discount codes are good for one month and can only be used once.

Alternative – Usage of tablets

Laptops may not be the only solution for your child’s home-based learning plans. If your family does not have a laptop, an alternative would be to look for other options such as tablets and smartphones.

In recent years, tablets have evolved from purely being entertainment systems to becoming fully functional and effective devices for learning! If you are unsure of which tablet to purchase, you may find out a little more about the best tablets here!

Hopefully this provides an alternative for you to consider for your child.

A NEU program by IMDA

The Infocomm Media Development Authority is also offering a special program for low-income families so they can get an affordable computer for their children besides the financial assistance listed here.

The NEU PC Plus Programme will help these families set up internet connectivity at home and sort out their PC needs with the help of their partners.

Students under the MOE Financial Assistance Scheme will be given additional support for the program by providing them Broadband connectivity.

The iNSPIRE Fund will pay the co-payment for the new PCs. Students will not be asked to pay for it and they do not have to undergo the required community service requirement.

The computer will be delivered immediately at the recipient’s house and ensure that it is ready to go. They won’t also be charged for mobile broadband.

If the family has 3 or more children who are going to school, they may request for a Second PC option. Families also have an option to request for a smartphone or a tablet if they prefer it.

To apply for the program, the applicant must be either a permanent resident or a Singapore national.

They must either be a full-time student studying in:

  • a government/government supported school
  • junior college
  • independent school
  • specialised school
  • centralised institute
  • polytechnic
  • Institute of Technical Education
  • MOE-funded Education school
  • a student with a permanent disability

Their family must also have a gross monthly income of around $3,400 or less. If your child is a full-time student and you can’t co-pay for the PC bundle, you can request to sign up for the iNSPIRE Fund.

If you have already applied for the program before, you can’t reapply until after three years. You can also apply for the program if you are getting support from the school or are under the one-to-one computing programme.


Companies are also helping out in assisting these students, such as StarHub which provides unlimited broadband connectivity to at least 550 students who come from low-income families.

You do not need to spend a lot of money to help your child get a new computer to keep them on track with their studies while at home. With these discount programs, you can definitely get a reliable computer that they can use throughout their studies.

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