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6 Steps To Help Your Kid’s Score In Primary 1 English

Singaporeans are often commended for having an excellent proficiency in the English language.

This proficiency in the language is thanks to Singapore’s unique English curriculum that would help its students learn the language starting in their primary school days.

However, like any subject, English can be daunting to learn for kids especially if they are mostly using Chinese, Malay or Tamil in their homes. As a parent, it can be hard to help your kid if you do not know how to help them with their lessons.

In order to get you started, here are six steps you can use to help your kid improve their Primary 1 English score:

Give lots of encouragement

As your child moves up from kindergarten to primary school, their subjects would become harder and challenging. In turn, it can scare your child and make themselves believe they cannot pass these classes. The same fear can also be applied to learning a new language.

You can help your child get beat of this fear by reassuring them that they can do it. Tell them they are doing well and if they need any help, they can ask you out. By telling them they are progressing well in their studies would boost their confidence and inspire them to overcome the challenges of learning the subject.

Help with reading

Studies regarding reading’s benefits, especially when learning a different language, would always highlight that parents who read a little to their child can do wonders for their child’s education.

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In order to benefit fully from this practice, you should make your reading sessions with your child fun and entertaining. Pick books that are appropriate for their age and read in a slow yet understandable pace. You can let the child read the passage loudly and correct their pronunciation after they read the passage. You can also discuss with your child what they believe will happen next and discuss the story to see how well they understood the story and help them develop their comprehension skills.

Practice writing

Aside from reading, a great way to learn the language and be proficient with it is by learning how to write well in the language.

You can inspire your child to practice writing in English by supporting them to write stories, poems, and journals. This will not only help them with their vocabulary and sentence writing, it would also help them become confident in expressing themselves on paper and improve their handwriting.

It is also a skill to hone in children since this will prepare them for more advanced writing, such as essays and research papers, which they may encounter in the future.

Talk it Out

While your child is at home, don’t be afraid to ask them questions about what they did in school, what they are thinking and how they are feeling. These open questions can challenge your child to answer the question with a meaningful answer.

Regular discussions at home can help your child’s speaking and listening skills, as well as teach them additional oral skills they can’t easily learn in school.

You can also help your kids talk in English at home by adding English words or phrases in daily conversation. This will help your child get an idea of how they can use the words or phrases in certain scenarios, as well as pronounce them properly. You can also ask your child to give you the English translation of certain words to test their memory.

Establish good homework habits

When your child has English homework included in their assignment book, you can help them finish this easily by dedicating a special area for them to focus on their studies. This special space should have no distractions to ensure your child can focus on the assignment at hand. If they have distractions like iPads or TV with them, their focus would turn to these items and prevent them from finishing on time.

As they do their homework, regularly check up on them to see if they are doing well and assist them in areas they find difficult to answer. You also should not forget to praise your child for their effort in finishing their homework on time.

Get organized

Another great way to help your child learn Primary 1 English better is by helping them get organized.

Before their school the next day, encourage your child to prepare their stuff before going to bed and ensure they are in order. You can start off by giving them a list of things to do before going to bed and what should be in their bags for the next day’s activities. If you let them organize their stuff on their own, it would make them feel confident.

The Alternative

If you do not have the time to monitor your child’s progress at home because of work or if you want to give them an extra edge, you can opt to enroll your child in one of Singapore’s many English tuition schools or seek the help of a tutor who offers English tuition. These schools and tutors can follow up on your child’s classes in Primary 1 English and help them in the areas which they find difficult.

These tutors or tuition schools can also help your child prepare in advance for their classes, and even inspire them to discover avenues as to how they can practice the language even in their spare time.

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Being proficient in English even at an early age can give your child an advantage as they grow older. Not only would it help them pick up the harder aspects of the language faster, it would also help them communicate in English more confidently.

Don’t shy away from helping your child with their Primary 1 English lessons. Take some time every day to help your child with one of the six steps listed above. With your encouragement, love, and support, your child would become inspired to be better in the language and become confident in expressing themselves in English.

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