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Fool-Proof Tricks to Introduce Your Child to Hindi (and Have Them Enjoy it Too!)

Using games to teach children makes learning lots fun and enjoyable. As you teach your child Hindi, it is very important for kids to enjoy as they learn. How can parents make sure that children enjoy learning Hindi at home?

If you would like that your child eventually learns Hindi — to help them converse with relatives, and be included whenever they go to India. This can also apply even to learning a second language. it is important that children are ready to learn by themselves.

Below are fool-proof tricks to get your child interested in Hindi.

What Others Do Wrong

Everyone will fall into some trap at one point — and among the main ones is having to give your child some words for them to memorize. This will make children bolt in the opposite direction screaming.

Such an activity makes children believe that this language is boring, dull, and arduous (which, when you teach them to memorize, it is). How then can you get your child start enjoying Hindi; to smile as they “practice” it and even nag for more.

Important: The trick is not a how-to 10 step procedure to teach language instruction. Actually, It only takes about 10 minutes and fewer. Thereafter, the learning starts without you.

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How can you motivate your youngster to be interested, involved, and prepared to dive in head-first to learn Hindi?

Easy! Use some “Action Words.”

These are words that will make your kids jump, move, laugh, jump, sweat. Do them all!

How does this method work? In fact, this is unconventional – more so since the first tactic that many people use in introducing Hindi at homes is the nouns. Lifeless, static nouns. It could be they just label items within the home using Hindi words.

Also, they could be teaching them animal names. This method might work for a while, but it’s certainly not interesting or engaging for children.

It is important that a child’s introduction to the Hindi language, the foundation of a language should be big- fun and exciting.

The kids could already be going to school, doing after class activities and sports. All they want to do is just sit back and enjoy themselves. Which they should!

SHOW: How they can do it

When it’s “koodo,” jump. When its “so jao,” simply act out sleeping

You could consider using whatever the child reacts to best. It could be hand actions (it resembles sign language). You can simply stand up and show them by doing it.

When you identify what your kid enjoys doing, such as clapping use clap or even play soccer, the do that! Do repeat the word meaning what you do to help them memorize and remember.

By using this technique, you will have your child interested and at the same time, they will be learning Hindi. All this while they do their favorite activity.

Does this learning technique help your child in learning? This is a win-win for you and your children. Besides children will imitate something they see you do. So, as you show they will imitate and learn in the process. By using this method you can always have different activities to do that will keep your child engaged.

PLAY: Have the kids take part in the Hindi games

In doing the play activity, your kid will always be looking forward to the sessions. Since it creates interest and curiosity, your youngster will be picking up new Hindi words. This way they will learn and still remain engaged in the fun activities you have planned out for the session.

Start out fast, slow, add some words, and even try confusing them.

This best part is though it could take several minutes in the beginning. But while they continue to become better at it. It will then start taking less time. This will also keep becoming more fun each time.

After they have become well versed with the initial words you have taught them, continue introducing more action words to make it challenging. Step by step they will be building their vocabulary during the play time.

PICK: Action Words you want to teach

At first, you can introduce about 5 to 6 words. Try going for the most interesting and fun words, such as “nacho” (makes them dance) or “gaao” (they sing) and then throw in a few easy things such as “aao” (to come) “jaao” ( to go), “baitho” ( to sit) and “utho” (to get up).

By centering your attention on the actions. You will have your children asking you for more words in Hindi since it’s fun

During this time you can select a few steps by step games and activities that you are able to play with them. These activities need to be such that they optimize learning of Hindi language.

For children aged 3 to 9 at all levels, the step by step activities will help them in their learning of Hindi. When giving homework to children make sure it is (fun) homework. Provide them with worksheets and any other materials that are needed for them to continue learning further.

In Closing

Using games to teach children to make learning a lot of fun and enjoyable. As you teach your child Hindi, it’s very important for kids to enjoy themselves as they learn.

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Avoid introducing the Hindi language to your child using dry words for them to memorize. Make it fun and interesting. This will get your child engaged and curious to learn more.

Each time ensure that you have planned activities for them. This keeps children engaged and always looking forward to learning more Hindi words. Play is the best learning tool to keep your children engaged and interested.

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