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Fast-track Your Child’s Education Through Cram Schooling!

Hey parents! Are the examinations coming up? Not sure if your child’s grades are part of a concerning trend that they are unable to keep up?

Don’t panic, your worries are not unfounded.  Education is a critical cornerstone in our society after all, and when competition is as fierce as it gets, we naturally want to keep an eye on factors that can give our children an edge. 

So have you given a thought about alternatives outside of school? We’re sure you’ve heard of them—

Cram schools, a type of educational institution that has proven its influence on students globally. Indeed, more often than not, these cram schools have been proven to influence the quality of education a person receives. Instead of following the traditional and standardised pace of classroom learning, cram schools have the capacity to propel students further in order to achieve academic milestones faster!

Well, how effective are they? Are they really as effective as they sound?

Read on to find out!

What Are Cram Schools?

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Cram schools, known by various names across the globe – from ‘hagwons’ in South Korea to ‘juku’ in Japan, operate as specialized educational institutions giving targeted teaching.

Locally, we have an alternative like a moe registered tuition centre instead, offering supplementary instruction outside regular school hours. Their primary claim is to give another push for students, helping straggling students who cannot keep up normally to grasp curriculum concepts faster.

Why Have Cram Schools Become More Popular Over the Years?

Undoubtedly, these cram schools or tutorial centers have become crucial players in the education field, effectively reshaping the learning process. But why? What sets them apart from normal academic learning? For parents who may be on the fence on the decision to enroll their children, here’s a few reasons why cram schools may sound attractive to your child!

Increasing Focus on Goals

Cram schools take students by batches, and keeps them occupied with a set of lessons that has been refined to only teach the essentials. When every class feels meaningful and progress can be seen directly, your child will feel encouraged to continue taking these supplementary classes to improve themselves.

Attention to Personalised Learning

 By catering to the individual learning needs of students, cram schools offer a level of personalisation often absent in typical classroom settings. They provide one-on-one guidance from expert instructors, ensuring that each student’s weaknesses and strengths are addressed. This can really pull your child out of a spot when they can finally pinpoint possible learning deficiencies that may not be obvious at first glance.

Practical Coaching on Exam Formats

Cram schools are known for a strong focus on practicality, pushing for standardized tests and examination techniques that allows students to get accustomed to the examination environment. This also means that your child can get used to the pressure faster, allowing them to focus more on the material, or even teaching them to excel under pressure!

Why Do Students Learn “Faster” in Cram Schools?

But wait, there’s more! What do you think is special about cram schools that allows them to ‘unlock’ the learning speed of students? 

Cram schools adopt a web of learning strategies to achieve better and faster educational results. This enables students to be more productive and cover more curriculum content in less time.

Covering Curriculum Gaps

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Traditional schools offers what is known as a broad-based education. This hinders their ability to timely assist students who may require more individual learning needs.

Some students may struggle with specific areas of the syllabus, creating an educational gap that potentially hinders their academic progress.

This is why cram schools have been touted to be the perfect supplementary to normal schooling. They offer a more targeted educational approach, drilling down into the syllabus and through years of experience, focus on subject areas where students are more likely to fumble on.

By providing intensive coaching on these topics, cram schools ensure that all students receive a comprehensive understanding of the curriculum, leaving nothing to chance.

Enhancing Quality of Education

Cram schools supplement and elevate the instruction provided by mainstream schools. They expand on broad subject understanding taught normally, and utilise subject matter experts to drive their teaching. These experts illuminate challenging concepts with clarity and examples.

Fostering a Competitive Spirit

Cram schools nurture a spirit of healthy competition amongst students. They attract learners with similar or higher academic prowess, inspiring individuals to broaden their educational goals. It’s not just about outperforming peers, but fostering personal growth and ambition.

The environment at cram schools significantly amplifies a student’s drive to exceed their expectations. This culture nurtures a persistent determination to succeed, equipping students with life-long self-motivation skills and tenacity that transition from the classroom into the real world.

Preparing for University Admission

Given the global competitiveness of university admissions, cram schools can play a pivotal role in preparing students for the entrance process. By focusing on mastery of subject matter and honing examination techniques, these institutions provide students with the necessary skills and confidence to navigate the challenging admission process.

Everything in Moderation

While cram schools can indeed help with your child’s grades and immediate academic future, it is vital to bear in mind the potential risks and downsides they present:

Stress and Pressure

The rigorous and intensive nature of cram school curriculum can put immense pressure on students, leading to stress, anxiety, and burnout.

Limited Leisure Time

Cram schools usually operate after regular school hours, resulting in students having less time for extra-curricular activities or relaxation, potentially affecting their overall physical and mental well-being.

Financial Strain

The costs of cram schools can mount up, creating a financial strain on families, especially those from low-income backgrounds.

Final Thoughts

Despite the potential downsides, the benefits of cram schools in fast-tracking education are evident. With a good mentality to tackle the challenges that they may face when enrolled in a cram school, your children can then benefit from a structured, personalized and competitive environment that complements traditional schooling and grooms students for academic success. 

Of course, be sure to take care of your children’s mental health. If they feel too consumed by their academics, it is only proper to take a step back as parents and approach them with a more measured and prudent decision towards their success in studies.

In the pursuit of academic excellence, you as a parent should find the fine line between your child’s mental well-being and their future success. When it comes to their studies, understand what your child needs and be sure to support them all the way!

Clement Tan