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7 Fun Ways to Celebrate Children’s Day in Singapore

Celebrated every first Friday of October, Children’s Day is one of the most anticipated days for children in Singapore.

After all, it’s when everyone can celebrate the joys of childhood through events and activities that children can enjoy. Some places may be fun for smaller kids, but no longer with teens. As your children grow, their idea of fun evolves and changes.

With that said, here are some of the fun activities your children can enjoy, depending on their age.

For preschoolers or children ages 7 and below

Little kids of this age range enjoy the presence of their parents. Whatever kinds of celebration you have prepared for them, they will treasure that moment as long as you do it with them.

Here are some suggestions to bond with your precious ones.

Picnic at the Park

Find a park near you where your preschoolers can freely and safely run around. At the same time, look for parks that offer programs and activities on the occasion of Children’s Day. Have your kids join these activities and let them make friends.

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Indoor Playgrounds

Some malls have indoor playgrounds that celebrate Children’s Day. Aside from the regular playground, they conduct activities or workshops that your child can participate in and enjoy.

There are also indoor playgrounds that give away freebies to children to make the day even more memorable for your children.

For children 7 to 12 years old

Theme parks with mild to moderate rides

Almost all children enjoy rides in theme parks, so if you want them to have fun this Children’s Day, bring them to a theme park with rides, such as Universal Studios Singapore, Science Centre Singapore, and Wild Wild Wet.

Video games centers

Most parents do not appreciate video games, but we must understand that today’s generation is far different. They have never known a world without video games. After all, they were born in an age where technology is ever-present.

So, one way you can honour this unique aspect of your child’s generation is by bringing them to video game centres where they can play some of their most favourite games. In fact, doing so will make this an incredibly fun and memorable day for them.

Children’s workshops

Most young children love crafts. They enjoy making beautiful things with their hands. If your kids love tinkering with things, find an outlet for them to hone their unique skills.

You can find organizations or groups that organize workshops such as arts and crafts, painting, origami, and others to treat them this Children’s Day!

Science Center

If your child is crazy about science, what better way to celebrate this Children’s Day is to bring them to the Science Center where they can enjoy a wonderful time while also learning more about the world around them.

For young teens

Adolescence is the time in your children’s lives where they start discovering more about themselves, which means their interests may have changed, especially as they strive to establish their independence. Therefore, it might be a good idea to find activities that are more suited for this stage of their lives.

Theme park with wild rides

If your child is a young teen, they may no longer enjoy a typical day in the park or a children’s arts and crafts workshop.

Most young teens love extreme fun with friends. So, why not let them have their dream ride with their friends this Children’s Day and allow them to experience some level of independence?

After all, Singapore has one of the best theme parks to choose from, such as Universal Studios Singapore. Of course, you shouldn’t forget to set some boundaries before you let them go. After all, they’re still under your care.

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A day out with friends

Young teens love the company of friends. This Children’s Day, let them leave their tutors for a day and have fun. Suggest activities they can do with friends. Volunteer to accompany them wherever they like to go and do.

They can watch movies, go shopping, or just hang out in a restaurant or cafe. Social activities with friends are one of the best stress relievers for young teens.

Activities for all ages

If there are activities that are suitable for a certain age, there are also activities that are good for all ages.

For parents who have 3 to 4 children of varying ages, you can opt for family outings such as swimming on the beach, camping and hiking, and even road trip adventures. Children’s Day is a good reason to experience one of these.

There are several activities to do on the beach. Older children can enjoy water skiing, water park rides, and similar activities. For younger ones, making sandcastles would be an exciting activity.

Camping with children offers many opportunities for the family to bond and does things together. It is one of those highly engaging and memorable family activities that they surely will remember when they grow up.

Find the perfect place to go camping where there are activities that children can enjoy. Camping is also a perfect teachable moment where you can introduce children to an appreciation of nature.

Final Words

Studies show that when children enjoy their childhood, they grow up happy and with a good disposition in life. Children’s Day is one of those important celebrations where we can show our children that we love them.

It is our opportunity to bond with them and create beautiful memories together. After all, they won’t stay as children forever!

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