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How To Fuel Your 12 Year Old’s Interest In Science

Human beings are born with a natural gift of curiosity. When you observe kids, you will notice that they are always curious about everything. Children are always ready to discover more about their surroundings.

However, the natural interest decreases during the teenage years and children start to consider science to be boring and dull. Did you know that there are ways that you can encourage 12-year-olds to regain interest in science?

For most youngsters, the last thing they have on their minds is relating learning to the world beyond their classroom. This is because most are busy focusing on their grades. Such tendencies are more evident when it comes to subjects like science and math. Most kids may not necessarily understand how science links to things they do outside of school.

So, what can parents and guardians do to ignite interest in their youngsters? Most kids may not truly understand why and how they can use science later in life. Even then this should not be the experience for your child since you can eventually change this.

How can you inspire your child to develop an interest in Science? Here are some tips that you could consider.

Concentrate On Effort, Not Grades Or ‘Talent’

Science subjects can be rather challenging. So rather than focus on grades, consider focusing on the efforts that your child has put into learning their science subject. How can you encourage your child? Praise your child for the effort as well as the improvement they have made. Doing so will encourage them in developing a ‘growth mindset’ – a belief that by putting in more effort, the will learn, develop and achieve more.

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Encourage Questioning

Since children are constantly asking questions, ensure that you provide them with answers. Always motivate your 12-year-olds to continue doing so as they are getting older! An inquisitive mind is not only essential to science, but it’s a valuable attribute to have throughout life. How can you nurture this in your child? Inspire your child into thinking critically, evaluate and experiment, and explain their thinking. These science skills are important in all occupations and areas of life.

Stay Updated With The News

Let them learn about the most current developments in the science world. For12-year-olds, science is usually more interesting if they are able to understand how it affects our daily lives. Let your child watch the news to help stay up-to-date on the current developments in all science fields, from new technologies to medical breakthroughs. Can this help your youngster understand science? Ensure to take such opportunities to find out from your children on their thoughts about the scientific developments.

Find Science And How It Applies In The Real World

When 12-year-olds understand how science applies in the real world, they often will get more involved. Go to places that allow them to witness science in action – like the aquarium, planetarium, zoo, observatory, museums and even galleries. The internet is a goldmine of information thus encourage your child to use the web for learning. Also, you can search for science fairs, interactive websites, and science holiday programs which interest your child.

Link Science To Something That Interests Your 12-year-olds

Considering the effect science and technology has on all aspects of our lives, it’s easy to connect science to things that your child already loves. Does your youngster enjoy playing computer games? Awesome, encourage your youngster to research the coding world to enable them to create their own game. Or for youngsters who love cars, they can look into the mechanics and physics of how the engines work. Thus encouraging them to learn more in their field of interest.

Discuss Careers In Science Field

Most 12-year-olds usually will have the image of scientists as people who work the whole day alone in the laboratory wearing white coats. However, this is certainly not the case. Discuss with your child about all the various fields that science is utilized each day – from marine biology to food science, and from physiotherapy to fashion designing. Doing this can help break the belief that a vocation in science is boring.

Other Ways You Help Grow Your Child’s Interest In Science

#1 Get Involved

Parents and guardians have the power to influence your child when it comes to the value of learning. Though your child’s teacher will deliver the message, however, when you do not enforce it or encouraged this at home, it will not have much relevance for your12-year-olds.

For instance, showing your interest and excitement in your kid’s science competitions or science projects can encourage them to desire to study more. Your mere presence is encouraging since you will be showing interest.

This can help your child think that science projects are not developed to interrupt their lifestyle. Discussing with your child about the careers in science will also offer them a different perspective.

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#2 Buy Science Toys

For each age, there are numerous science toys that are both educational as well as create lots of fun for your12-year-olds. With items like the science kits and circuit boards that offer your child better appreciation and hands-on approach to science beyond the classroom setting. How can these help your child?

An example of a truly fun science toy is the range of Snap Circuits. These educational toys allow your youngsters to build circuits for things like doorbells and alarms. This helps to reinforce what they learn and developing it to a totally different level.

Also, you and your child can do easy science experiments without spending money. An example is examining small bugs or leaves under a microscope.

Wrapping Up

Though, most kids may not necessarily understand how science connects to things they do outside of school. There are ways that you can use to encourage your 12-year-olds to regain interest in science.

Can parents influence the choices their kids make? Yes, by showing interest and praising their efforts, you will encourage them to learn and work harder in science.

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