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Why Students Should Use Social Media as a Learning Platform

Usage of social media in classrooms is at its historical peak. Students have successfully integrated social media into each aspect of their daily school life.

These platforms also continue adding user-friendly school features for holding virtual lessons and sharing vital information.

Although it has been widely criticised, social media has made lessons more collaborative because students can connect quickly with their teachers and friends.

In this article, let’s discuss the importance of using social media as a learning platform.

Promotes Communication and Collaboration

The most significant advantage of using social media is better communication among teachers and learners.

Students can connect with each other at any time through WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. They can use these platforms on their computer, tablet, or Smartphone, where they can ask each other questions through video calls or chats.

If a student does not understand their homework, they can easily ask for help from their tutor or classmate. You don’t have to meet a teacher physically before getting assistance.

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Social media also promotes learning by enabling teachers and students to share documents through Google Docs and Google Drive.

Parental Involvement

Social media has made it possible for parents to get involved in their children’s learning process.

Through the school’s Facebook or Twitter page, parents can get updates on school-related projects, events, and activities. If a teacher wants to share a student’s progress with the parent, they can get in touch through Zoom or Skype.

A class teacher can also create a platform for parents on WhatsApp, where you can get information about your child’s performance.

This is a positive impact because parents can offer their children ample academic support at home based on the information they receive from the school.

Improved Cognitive, Reading and Communication Skills

Students may find conventional teaching methods monotonous.

However, with the introduction of social media in the classroom, children can expand their imagination and enjoy every step of learning.

Online books, articles, news, and comments offer a listicle of information that students can dive into and read at their convenience.

Introducing social media in the classroom helps improve cognitive abilities such as memory, critical thinking, comprehension, creative thinking, and problem-solving skills.

With this adeptness, students can:
1. Read words, create mental pictures, and understand concepts.
2. Analyse and process facts
3. Retain information

Access to Concrete Information Online

Various social media networks and websites offer students a wealth of helpful information.

Learners can access relevant and informational websites that are full of educational material through social media news feeds. Some sites such as Pinterest and Tumblr inspire practical problem-solving school projects.

Social networking sites also help students to prepare for lessons in advance because they can access plenty of information containing updated learning materials from several schools.

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Makes Learning Fun and Easy

Social media tools provide fun and easy ways for students to memorise and learn complex concepts.

For example, learners can use Udemy, Zoom, Ted Talks, and YouTube to watch engaging and exciting videos anywhere, anytime.

If you want to understand intricate procedures or different topics, make social media tools part of your study schedule.

Helps You Complete Your Assignments

Whether in primary school, secondary school, or university, you can use social media to complete your assignments.

TikTok is one great learning tool that all students can maximise during homework. You can use hashtags to look for information that’s relevant to your assignment.

You can also use YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook to watch updated educational material and connect with experts from different fields. Eventually, you will raise your grades and remain on the right academic track.

From improving practical skills to study guides, completing homework assignments, to communication and collaboration, the benefits of using social media are endless.

Here are valuable tools that can help you improve in your academics:

Math 42: Helps you understand complex math concepts by providing you with a unique step by step method of solving problems.
Duolingo: This app makes learning multiple languages easy and fun.
Science360: Do you find it hard to understand Science concepts? This app provides engaging and fun videos about Science.

Improved Learning Management Systems

A learning management system (LMS) is a networking application developed for reporting, tracking, documentation, administration, and educational courses.

Fundamentally, social media learning using LMS incorporates forums for sharing information, video, instant chat functions, and learning resources to help teachers and students. Most LMS have built-in social media that allows students and teachers to interact freely during lessons.

The system simplifies team projects collaborations and improves students’ participation during lessons.

Global Exposure

Using social media in the classroom helps students to obtain content daily from webinar links, tutorial videos, and informative websites.

Using the internet makes it easy to access a broad spectrum of study material from websites worldwide. Your peers can also benefit from this information because you can share it during group discussions.

Social media allows you to interact with students and teachers from across the globe, hold discussions, seek help, share knowledge, and watch educational videos from renowned educators.


Social media has become an integral part of students’ daily lives.

It’s no secret that learners find using social networks during school hours easier because they can access valuable information at their convenience.

Students and teachers can connect easily, making learning more efficient and collaborative.

Social media is here to stay, and it will continue to play a vital role in the life of students.

Parents and teachers should offer students guidance and watch over their activities to ensure the information they access online is beneficial for their development and studies.

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