Blog Tutors Career Advice High Paying Jobs In Singapore: In-Depth Survey (Up to $45k per month)

High Paying Jobs In Singapore: In-Depth Survey (Up to $45k per month)

High Paying Jobs In Singapore: In-Depth Survey (Up to $45k per month)

Every student wants to land their dream job.

But so many career options available, finding “the one” can be overwhelming.

The right career allows you to use your natural talents and brings you a handsome paycheck every month. 

For example, if you can persuade people and inspire confidence with your ideas, you can aim to become a marketing director and help businesses grow in a competitive market by creating marketing campaigns and generating demand.

But how do you find it?

Don’t worry, we have got you covered.

In this ultimate guide of high paying jobs in Singapore (based on solid research), we’ll explore 63 high paying jobs in Singapore while going in-depth on the top 10 careers in our opinion.

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We even break them down into industries so you can shortlist the ones which are a good match for your natural talents!

Without further ado, here is the curated list of high paying jobs:

Top 10 High Paying Jobs in Singapore

1. Legal Counsel

What They Do

Lawyers make big money working with private corporations since companies need to work with the laws of the land and deploy compliance systems across the organization. 

How Much They Earn

Legal counsel is one of the high paying jobs in Singapore as they earn a staggering S$200k to upwards of S$400k per year. The role of a legal counsel is to advise on business operations, perform risk evaluation and further the business interests of a company while handling the legal side of all key management decisions.   

How To Become One

To establish yourself as a legal counsel, you need to secure an academic certificate from an accredited university. To do this, you can take the LSAT and apply for admission to a law school accredited by the Singapore Bar Association. This is the first step. 

Second, you need five to ten years of legal experience in private practice or an in-house legal department. 

Moreover, to work with top companies in Singapore, you should be able to work across a variety of jurisdictions with varying seniority levels. In addition, you should be able to develop and review sales contracts.

2. Chief Finance Officer

What They Do

Working in the finance industry is one of the most lucrative options you have. You can either target any of the jobs in Singapore banks or work with a private company. The CFO is responsible for evaluating risks, building annual budgets, building and executing a financial strategy and improving the financial performance of the organization. 

How Much They Earn

Chief Finance Officer is one of the most in demand jobs in Singapore  they earn anywhere from S$300k to S$450k per year on average. However, attaining such a high-level executive role in the company usually takes a long time. 

How To Become One

To become a CFO, you should pursue a bachelor’s degree in a related field like maths, economics or business. After you have a bachelor’s degree, a business/finance MBA or a CFA/CPA qualification will give you an edge among the competition. However, formal education isn’t required and a person with industry knowledge and experience can get plenty of job opportunities in Singapore.

3. Marketing Director

What They Do

Marketing directors define marketing objectives, link marketing activities to business goals, lead the development and execution of marketing strategy, and create budgets and concepts for successful marketing campaigns. They assess market potential, competitive risk, make integrated marketing plans across all channels and present ROI analysis of their plans for demand generation.

Since entrepreneurship in Singapore is on the rise, new companies need marketing directors to create demand and increase their share in the market.

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How Much They Earn

Their ability to create demand and manage an entire brand makes marketing one of the most rewarding careers in Singapore. Marketing directors or general managers make S$250k to S$400k per year, so it is certainly one of the in demand jobs in Singapore.

How To Become One

To become a marketing director, it is recommended that you get a bachelor’s degree in a related field such as marketing or advertising. After that you may acquire work experience in areas such as sales, marketing, advertising or public relations. A master’s degree in business administration with a marketing or advertising specialization can give you ample job opportunities in Singapore but industrial experience also works.

4. HR Director/ HR Head

What They Do

An HR Director leads the development and execution of HR strategy to accomplish performance management, talent development and growth processes/programs. They manage the hiring of staff and align staff training with strategic objectives of the company. 

The HR Director identifies core human resources issues and develops corresponding solutions, develops employment contracts and agreements, prepares and manages HR budget, manages employee engagement programmes and oversee performance reviews, appraisals and promotion cycles.

How Much They Earn

An HR director is a lucrative position as they earn anywhere from S$220k to S$300k per year. Top-level positions like this command a higher salary but also require expertise and years of direct industry experience.

How To Become One

HR Director is one of the most in demand jobs in Singapore. You should at least have a four-year undergraduate degree in human resources, business administration or a relevant field like organizational psychology. Apart from this, years of industrial experience is needed.

For top-level positions like Head of HR, getting a master’s degree can help you stand out. By working your way up in your current company and learning how to boost employee engagement, you can realize your dream of becoming an HR Head one day.

5. Data Scientist

What They Do

As businesses become more data-driven, the demand for qualified professionals who can take raw data and draw analytical business insights out of it is steadily increasing. As per research, data is a S$1 billion industry in Singapore. By 2022, big data and business analytics will grow to S$37 billion. So data scientist job is one of the most in demand jobs in Singapore.

How Much They Earn

Data Scientist is one of the high paying jobs in Singapore as it pays anywhere from S$85k to S$300k per year. Companies that deal in big data set high standards for recruitment and always seek the best talent.

Due to the growing demand of big data, Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and the National University of Singapore (NUS) have made plans to focus on data science and artificial intelligence. 

NUS has partnered with tech companies like Grab and Alibaba Cloud to help students develop data-science job skills and work on building contemporary tech solutions.

How To Become One

Data science is among the most promising careers in Singapore. To secure a high paying job in this field, you should pursue an undergraduate degree in data science or a related field. The National University of Singapore offers two relevant programs: B.Sc. in Data Science & Analytics and B.Sc. in Business Analytics. 

If you want to earn a master’s degree, many universities in Singapore offer programmes in Data Science and Business Analytics. But you will need industrial experience to get the best data science job opportunities in Singapore.

6. Chief Information Officer

What They Do

A chief information officer is responsible for making all the crucial decisions regarding the construction, maintenance and upgradation of information technology network. Since technology has become an integral part of every business, CIOs can organize the technological infrastructure by focusing on resources, expenses, budgeting, development and training. One of their primary duties is to protect the company against a security breach. 

How Much They Earn

Chief Information Officer is one of the most lucrative jobs out there as you can make anywhere from S$300k to S$600k in this job. Making half a million dollars each year is no joke, so if you have an interest in technology and business, this is the job to go for.

How To Become One

To become a chief information officer, companies require high-level qualifications as well as extensive industry experience. As far as qualification goes, a bachelor’s degree in IT or related field and a master’s degree in IT or Business Administration would be needed.

7. Anesthesiologist

What They Do

Although administering anesthesia may seem like a simple job on the surface, but the truth is that anesthesiology is critical to any surgery or critical medical process. Anesthesiologists are core members of the surgical team. They secure the bodily functions of patients during surgery. They are responsible for delivering local or general anesthetic to the patient and monitoring its effects through the whole surgical procedure.

How Much They Earn

Since Singapore has some of the best hospitals in the world, anesthesiology is one of the most rewarding careers in Singapore. Anesthesiologists make as much as S$200k to S$500k a year, depending on their experience.

How To Become One

To become an anesthesiologist, you need a basic medical degree or a postgraduate medical qualification which is recognized by the Singapore Medical Council. You also need four to five years of work experience in a related specialty. To become the highest earning anesthesiologist, you will need 15-20 years of experience. You must fulfill the criteria laid out by the Singapore Medical Council for conditional medical registration.

8. Specialist Medical Practitioner

What They Do

Specialist medical practitioners use specialized medical methods to test, diagnose and treat physical or mental disease and illness. They have a high-level specialization in a particular category of illnesses and have extensive experience in a certain type of treatment. Specialist medical practitioners such as emergency physicians, pediatricians, obstetricians, gynecologists and psychiatrists are rewarded with high salaries because of their years of education and expertise. 

How Much They Earn

Specialist medical practitioners earn anywhere from S$200k to S$400k per year and even more in some cases. The healthcare industry in Singapore is expected to grow to US $44 billion by 2030. So it is no wonder that being in the top ranks in this industry is going to pay off.

How To Become One

To become a specialist medical practitioner, you need to have a medical degree in a relevant field from an accredited institution. Specialist doctors undergo a long learning curve, investing as much as 10-15 years in education and live training before they become eligible to work in the top ranks.

9. Chief Technology Officer

What They Do

The chief technology officer leads the development of technology in an organization and connects it to business strategy and meaningful outcomes. They form strategic relationships across geographical regions to further the technology and business goals of the organization. 

They define the purpose and functionalities for applications, participate in strategy development with IT and business leadership. They bring automation to free up resources and support needs.

How Much They Earn

Chief Technology Officers earn S$180k to S$450k per year. Their expertise in developing technology and aligning it with business goals make them one of the highest earning members of any organization.

How To Become One

To become a Chief Technology Officer, you will need a bachelor’s degree in engineering or computer science. Master’s degree can be a plus but what really matters is industry experience. Good companies demand a minimum of 15 years of professional experience. 

Industrial experience is the key to getting any of the high paying jobs in Singapore in this list. However, you also need soft skills such as leadership, communication, strategic thinking and collaboration.

10. Head of Global Sourcing

What They Do

Global sourcing heads manage and direct the company’s sourcing and procurement strategies to reach business goals and objectives. In simple words, they help the company buy quality services or products at the best price. 

They oversee the development of an efficient supply chain by researching the supply market, build compliance policies and enforce standards to daily operations. 

They manage the annual procurement budget and supplier base of vendors. They build and nurture relationships with quality vendors, develop strategies for contract negotiations and supervise vendor performance. They train and lead the sourcing team and manage performance reports based on KPIs. 

How Much They Earn

According to reports, Head of Global Sourcing is one of the high paying jobs in Singapore and pays $180k to $400k per year. The high paycheck makes sense as efficient procurement and supply chain is essential to a company’s growth.

How To Become One

To become the sourcing and procurement head of a company, one must have about ten years of leadership experience in procurement. Sourcing heads come from different backgrounds, but a master’s degree in a relevant field such as business, economics or logistics and supply chain can help you stand out. 

Master List of High Paying Jobs in Singapore (By Industry)

High Paying Jobs in Industry: Technology & Transformation

Role Salary per year (SGD)
Chief Information Officer 300 – 600k
IT Director 150-300k
Program Manager 180-280k
Head of Infrastructure 150-250k
Solutions Architect (Infrastructure) 120 – 220k
Database Administrator 70 – 220k
Chief Technology Officer 180 – 450k
Solutions Architect (Application & Development) 144 – 250k
Chief Information Security Officer/Head of Cyber Security 190-350k
Data Architect 100 – 240k
Machine Learning Engineer 120 – 250k
Data Scientist 85 – 300k


High Paying Jobs in Industry: Accounting and Finance

Role Salary per year (SGD)
Chief Financial Officer 300 – 450k
Finance Director 250 – 300k
Corporate Finance Manager 150 – 220k
Internal Audit Director 200 – 250k
Tax Director 220 – 300k
Treasury Director 200 – 250k
Head of Compliance 220 – 450k+
Director (Internal Audit Roles) 150-350k+
Director (Compliance Roles) 150-350k+
Director (Operations Role) 150-320k+


High Paying Jobs in Industry: Human Resources

Role Salary per Year (SGD)
HR Director 220 – 300k+
Director – Compensation & Benefits 200k+
Director –  Learning & Development 170 – 200k
Director –  Recruitment or Talent Acquisition 160k+
Senior HR Business Partner 150-200k


High Paying Jobs in Industry: Legal

Role Salary Per Year (SGD)
Legal Counsel  100-400k+


High Paying Jobs in Industry: Sales & Marketing, Technical Healthcare

Role Salary Per Year (SGD)
Sales & Marketing Director 180 – 240k+
Account Director 140 – 200k+
Marketing Director 180 – 240k+
Market Research Director 140 – 220k+
Corporate Affairs Director 180 – 200k+
Public Relations Director 180 – 200k+
Digital Marketing Manager 100 – 160k+
Medical Affairs Director  220 – 250k+
Business Unit Director 180 – 240k
Regulatory Affairs Director 200 – 240k+
Clinical Research Director 180 – 200k


High Paying Jobs in Industry: Sales & Marketing – B2B & Industrial

Role Salary per year (SGD)
General Manager/Managing Director 250 – 400k
Sales Director 180 – 300k
Senior Business Development Manager 140 – 220k
Account Director 140 – 220k
Marketing Director 180 – 265k+
Head of Online Marketing 160 – 260k
Corporate Communications Director 160 – 250k
Public Relations Director 130 – 200k


High Paying Jobs in Industry: Sales & Marketing – Financial & Professional Services

Role Salary per year (SGD)
Marketing Director 190 – 250k
Digital Marketing Manager 120 – 200k
Communications Director 180 – 250k
Corporate Affairs Manager 150 – 250k


High Paying Jobs in Industry: Supply Chain & Procurement

                          Role             Salary per year (SGD)
Head of Global Sourcing 300k+
Regional Procurement Director 200 – 250k
Supply Chain Director 250k+
Customer Service & Logistics Director 150 – 250k


High Paying Jobs in Industry: Engineering

  Role Salary per year (SGD)
General Manager 225 – 295k
Technical Director 160 – 205k
HSE Director  160 – 200k
Quality Director 170 – 220k
Sales Director 160 – 210k
R&D Director 165 – 210k

Final Thoughts

The right career is a combination of financial security and your natural talents. The above guide will help you find both. 

But it is not always about the fat paycheck. When you love your craft, whether it is cooking or teaching students, you can always become financially comfortable.

If you are a fresh graduate and looking for entry level jobs, contact employment agencies in Singapore to learn more about your options. 

A quick and easy way to explore careers in Singapore is to use LinkedIn for job search. You can browse the profiles of seasoned professionals and learn how they climbed up the ranks. 

Finally, don’t stress out. Begin with the end in mind but also understand that everyone starts somewhere. Perhaps, you’re eyeing a high-paying job sometime in the future but right now, you’re still a student! Don’t fret, you can get still some career experience by going into tutoring.

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