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Top 10 Secondary Schools in Singapore 2020-21

For many parents in Singapore, our child’s Primary School Leaving Examinations is a huge milestone.

Their scores will determine the secondary school they go to. Getting into the right school will also help shape your child’s personality and outlook in life.

With the various secondary schools in the country, it can be hard to determine which ones will fit your child perfectly.

Some focus on helping students with their academic performance, while others offer a balanced curriculum where students can practice their academic know-how and their interests.

Based on 2019 PSLE Cut off points, here are the top 10 secondary schools in the country that you and your child can consider:

No Name of School 2019 COP
1 Hwa Chong Institution 259
2 Raffles Girls’ School (Secondary) 259
3 Methodist Girls’ School (Secondary) 258
4 Nanyang Girls’ High School 258
5 Raffles Institution 258
6 Dunman High School 256
7 National Junior College 256
8 CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School 255
9 Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) 254
10 Catholic High School 254

1. Hwa Chong Institution

The Hwa Chong Institution offers both secondary and pre-university classes for students which follow the School Based Gifted Education Programme (SBGE) and the Integrated Programme.

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Under this program, students are prepared to take their GCEs and get into top universities overseas. The school also has an extensive Humanities and Bi-cultural programme, geared towards students aiming to take humanities courses in the country or abroad.

Aside from academic programmes, the school offers various co-curricular activities to ensure students can relax after classes.

Some of the activities students can sign up for include joining the athletics teams, the uniformed corps, the performing arts division or the community service program.

2. Raffles Girls’ School (Secondary)

Located in Braddell Rise, the Raffles Girls’ School is one of the oldest secondary schools in the country.

Thanks to its long history, many consider the school’s Raffles Program as one of the best in the country.

The program lasts for 6 years and will be recognised under the Singapore-Cambridge GCE Advanced Level programme.

3. Methodist Girls’ School (Secondary)

For children who want to excel in academics, arts and athletics, the Methodist Girls’ School is known in the country for its curriculum.

The school has consistently ranked as one of the best schools in the country, offering both the Integrated Programme and the GCE Express Course for students taking their O Levels. The Integrated Programme is offered by the school thanks to its partnership with the Anglo-Chinese School, allowing it to also offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme for its top students.

For those who are musically included, the school offers a Music Elective Programme that is recognised by the Ministry of Education. Look at our guide on elective programmes. 

When it comes to the personal development of students, the school has a Godliness, Excellence and Love period. The period enables students to learn more about the world and themselves so they can become responsible adults in the future.

4. Nanyang Girls’ High School

The Nanyang Girls’ High School is a partner of the Hwa Chong Institution, offering the Integrated Programme and the Bi-cultural Studies Programme for its students.

Both programmes allow students to learn more about the international community and their cultures. As far as co-curricular activities are concerned, the school offers 39 different activities and students are trained extensively to compete in various competitions like the Olympiad competition.

They also have a uniformed unit for camping competitions and a dragon and lion dance troupe.

5. Raffles Institution

When it comes to pre-tertiary education, the Raffles Institution is the country’s oldest. It has been recognised by the Ministry of Education and various academic partnerships for its school culture and curriculum.

The Institution aims to nurture students who will become leaders in their own right and adhere to the values of the institution. When it comes to its curriculum, the Institution offers several programs depending on the focus of the student in question. Its most notable program is the Raffles Academy, which helps students in core subjects.

For co-curricular activities, the institution has 40 different activities for students.

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They are divided into two categories, core and merit. Core CCAs include sport, performing arts groups, uniformed units and the institutions’ debaters. Merit CCAs, meanwhile, include all the other CCAs offered by the school and they are often not compulsory for students.

6. Dunman High School

Dunman High School is known in the country as one of the largest government schools in the country.

It offers the Integrated Programme, which will help students with their GCEs. Aside from their GCEs, the school also offers special programmes which include the Bicultural Studies Programme and the Music Elective Programme.

Each programme aims to help students to focus on their interest subjects which they cannot do in regular curriculums.

Meanwhile, the school’s co-curricular programmes are extensive since they offer sports, student interest topics and even uniformed groups.

7. National Junior College

Another school that offers the Integrated Programme for students is the National Junior College. Established in 1969, the school has several routes to help students achieve their GCE needs.

The school also offers special programmes on top of their regular curriculum to enable students to pursue their interests, from music, arts and languages.

Like other schools, the NJC offers an extensive list of co-curricular activities for students to choose from depending on their interests.

8. CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School

The CHIJ Saint Nicholas Girls’ School is one of the country’s designated Special Assistance Plan schools because it is one of the school’s which is actively preserving Chinese values in students while making sure their bilingual skills are top-notch.

The school offers the Integrated Programme, which they partner with several other schools, including the Catholic High School.

They also offer an express track which students can take with their IP requirements.

9. Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)

The Methodist school Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) is known for its International Baccalaureate programme. It is also one of two schools in the country to introduce the Gifted Education Program (now known as School Based Gifted Education) and the Integrated Programme to Singaporean students. Here is our guide on the Gifted Education Program. 

They are also partnered with the Methodist Girls’ School, allowing their students to transfer to ACSI when they are in their Year 5-6 for their IB.

Students are taught to become scholars in their own right and pursue their goals without fail. Around 50 co-curricular activities are offered in the school and each student is required to take 2 CCAs during their first four years in the school.

10. Catholic High School

The all-boys school Catholic High School offers both the Integrated Programme and the GCE Ordinary Levels for secondary students. It is considered one of the country’s SAP schools and a Gifted Education Programme facility.

As mentioned above, the school is partnered with the CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School and two other schools for their Joint Integrated Programme scheme, which allows students to skip the GCE if they will complete their year 5 and 6 at Eunoia Junior College.

The school is also known for hosting the Catholic High Music Awards, which opens the opportunity for students to exhibit their musical talents. Today, the award show is one of the country’s largest school concert events.

Top 10 Secondary Girls School

No Name of Girls School 2019 COP
1 Raffles Girls’ School (Secondary) 259
2 Methodist Girls’ School (Secondary) 258
3 Nanyang Girls’ High School 258
4 CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School 255
5 Cedar Girls’ Secondary School 253
6 Singapore Chinese Girls’ School 252
7 Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School 250
8 CHIJ Secondary (Toa Payoh) 246
9 Crescent Girls’ School 242
10 St. Margaret’s Secondary School 242

Top 10 Secondary Boys School

No Name of Boys School 2019 COP
1 Hwa Chong Institution 259
2 Raffles Institution 258
3 Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) 254
4 Catholic High School 254
5 Victoria School 252
6 St. Joseph’s Institution 250
7 Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road) 245
8 St. Andrew’s Secondary School 242
9 Maris Stella High School 237
10 St. Patrick’s School 229

Top 10 Secondary Co-ed School

No Name of School 2019 COP
1 Dunman High School 256
2 National Junior College 256
3 River Valley High School 252
4 Temasek Junior College 250
5 Anderson Secondary School 247
6 Bukit Panjang Govt. High School 245
7 Nan Hua High School 245
8 Nan Chiau High School 244
9 Chung Cheng High School 242
10 Fairfield Methodist School 242


While these schools stand out from the rest of the secondary schools in Singapore, it is important that you still do your research about these schools. Even if they are great, it is possible that these schools won’t fit your child’s learning needs and pace. Here are 4 popular questions you may have when choosing the right secondary school for your child.

Have your child look at the schools with you and ask if they will be comfortable with the school. If they say they can handle the coursework and the learning environment, go for the school you both agree on.

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