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9 Best Apps To Motivate Your Child’s Interest In Geography

Geography is among the few scientific subjects that require in-depth studying. And this can be a challenge for teachers and students alike to make efforts in understanding the phenomena encompassing geographic occurrences. Luckily, with technology, this will not be an issue at all.

How can technology help your child in studying Geography with ease? There are various geography applications that are designed to assist in making things easy.

Some offer a fun way for your youngster to learn Geography. Let us get right to some of them.

Google Earth

Today, this is among the most commonly used geography application the world over. This app will help your child ‘travel’ around the world using their finger-tips. It will allow your child to view different countries in 3D and also at street level.

How can your child use this app to learn geography? With a click of a button on a country, they can zoom in to display the detailed geographical landscape of that country. It also will show images connected to that country.

Countries Of The World

This app will provide your child with all the information about the different countries in the world. You can find information regarding a country’s population, capitals, culture, GDPs, and so on. This app is also easy to navigate thanks to its audio feature which can help your child with some of the pronunciation. This app will give your child the platform to have an in-depth study of different countries.

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Geography Learning Quiz Game

This application is designed to assist students to learn and in a fun way enjoy geography. It involves the user by having them locate the maps of any country. It also will have them finding some features like lakes, mountains, rivers and many more. It comes with 2 modes; a game mode which lets you choose a preferable difficulty level and get points depending on the time taken to answer the questions. Practice mode allows for learning of features and maps as you prepare for the game.

World Citizen: Geography Quiz

The world citizen app will assist you in learning and understand the different countries in the world together with their capital cities and also their flags. This is available in 4 different languages and each of the countries is linked to pages in Wikipedia. From here you get to learn more about the country you have chosen.

How can you use this app? It has 2 modes including a practice game mode and a challenge mode that allows you to prep and then practice once you have enough information.

Map Master

This is a geography application that lets teachers and students become geography masters in their own right. How can this app help your child learn geography? The map master app permits students to point out places found on the world map.

With this app, students can display their mastery and prowess in recognizing different geographical locations on the map. All locations on the map are linked to Wikipedia allowing you to get more information regarding the location you have selected. Hence this provides you with more knowledge about that area.

Bonza National Geographic

The National geographic application brings together features of various games like trivia, jigsaw puzzles, word search and many more. This makes the app offers students a holistic feel for both learning and fun as well. How can students utilize this app for maximum advantage in learning? This app comes with different themes which include travel, humanity, animals, and many more.

So then, how do children learn from this app? When your child fills in the puzzles provided, they will, in turn, end up gaining more knowledge in a more fun way.

Geography Quiz Game 3D

The Geography quiz game app seeks to engage the users by providing quizzes while they get to run around the globe in 3D. This app provides questions that let the users pinpoint the different features found on the world map. All these they do while they are competing with other students online.

Can this app benefit your child in their studies? The learning process gets more interesting when students have place ‘traps’ for the other users so as to slow them down while your child advances to the end.

Logo Quiz

This app is arguably among the best geography applications available to date. The logo quiz app allows users in being able to determine the outlines of different states, countries, provinces and many other different locations of the world. This app has more than 200 questions which have been divided into ten different levels based on the difficulty of the questions. By using this app, your child is able to compete with their friends and determine who is the best among them.

World Map Atlas

This app provides you with insights on what encompasses the whole world and this will include such details for the different countries, their capital cities, their flags, and also the currencies used in these countries.

Is this app right for studying and preparing for geography exams? With this app, you are able to access a lot more info about the country you have selected. This is made possible since you are able to access further information regarding the country due to its linkage to Wikipedia in addition to many other external resources.

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Although knowledge of the different locations around the world almost comes naturally to most adults. Occasionally, it can be confusing and perplexing to children.

Stimulating talks about the current news and why, for instance, early frost in Brazil can affect the coffee prices, or how instability in the Middle East will affect the oil prices. Bit by bit, assist youngsters in having a better understanding and sense of geography

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