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Best Languages To Learn In Uni – Spend Those Module Credits Wisely

Most of the Singapore students often face a dilemma when it comes to learning a new language. If you are also one of them and have no idea as to what language you would like to learn – we have got your back.

Why Must You Learn a New Language?

Undoubtedly, choosing to learn a new language is no easy feat. You need to make the right choice, as, after all, you would not only invest a lot of your time and efforts in learning the new one, but you will also end up spending your module credits.

That said, learning a new language definitely helps you in many ways. Being fluent in a foreign language also helps you in getting a job, as it boosts your versatility and make you the right fit for varied positions.

Thus, if have an opportunity, we will highly recommend you to make the most out of it and boost your knowledge. So, should you learn English, Chinese, Malay, Tamil, Hindi or what? Do not worry. In here, we have compiled the top 6 international languages for you to choose from.

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Best Languages to Learn in University

1. Chinese

Do you know, as per UNESCO, Mandarin Chinese is known to be the world’s most spoken language? China, without any doubt, is one of the prominent countries in the world with regard to construction, finance, manufacturing, and outsourcing. So, if you ever start your own venture, it could be possible that you would have to crack deals in China as well.

In China, business runs on a simple principle known as guanxi– which translates to- relationships. It is a process where two people discuss about their respective families for more than the first half of the meeting and in the final 10 minutes, they talk about negotiating the deal. So, here students might get an extra advantage if they are fluent with Chinese.

2. Italian

As per statistics, Italian is ranked to be the fourth most learned language in the entire USA. Italian is a lovely and an elaborate language and studies show that learning Italian is bound to enhance the students’ analytical thinking abilities.

Italy is known to be the biggest fashion and deign hub. Singapore students who are particularly pursuing fashion designing and arts should go for Italian as this way, they will understand the works and gain knowledge about various Italian designers like  Prada, Armani, Gucci, Versace and many more!

Off late, Italy comes in the list of the top-most economies in the world, as many employers seek people who are fluent with Italian.

Do you know, 7,000 Singapore firms do crack deals with Italy. Also, a few thousand Singapore corporations have their offices in Italy. Furthermore, abundant Italian companies have their offices in the Singapore.

3. Spanish

If you are travel savvy, Spanish is the go-to language for you as it is widely popular amongst travelers. According to reports in 2016, there were at least 437 million Spanish-speakers across the world. Spanish comes in the list of top 6 official languages of the UN, making students more employable.

Learning Spanish will institute emotional and fundamental skills in you. Moreover, students will be exposed to the Hispanic culture and other art, literature and beauty aspects of the place.

4. German

Being one of the strongest economies in the world, learning German language will unlock ample employment opportunities for students. Students will get a greater vision of the culture and artistic aspect of Europe, which will enable them to learn more about the world’s culture and get better insights into it.

5. Portuguese

As it’s spoken in Brazil, the Portuguese language is possibly one of the most melodious, honey-smooth means of communication on the planet Earth. Do you know, Portuguese is the sixth highly spoken language globally, and boasts around 215 million native speakers? Furthermore, the economy of Brazil has risen to happen to be the seventh largest economy in the entire world. The opportunities for Singapore students to live and work in Brazil are on a high boom along with its growing economy. Also, students can explore the rich musical culture of Brazil if they are fluent with this beautiful language.

6. French

220 million+ people are fluent in French across all the five continents. French is a chief language of global communication as well. It is the second most spoken language after English in the world. It is also the 6th most widely spoken language.

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France, being the world’s fifth largest economy, is point of attraction for entrepreneurs, researchers and many university students as well.

The language also develops critical thinking and is an analytical language that subsequently structures the thought process.

Wrapping Up

This pretty much sums up the importance of learning a new language, and also gives you a quick insight on the various languages that you can choose to learn.

So, which is your favorite? Do let us know in the comments below.

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