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Best Inspirational Books for Singapore Teenagers of 2020

Were you born between 2001 and 2007? Welcome to teenhood!

People have a lot to deal with when they reach their teenage years. You are now starting to understand several things about yourself that you never thought about when you were younger. Serious issues like life goals, identity and even critical life events are also shaping the way you see the world.

For some teenagers, they are able to adapt to what life throws at them. But, what about those who can’t explain what they are feeling? How can they understand them and cope with them in your mind? This is why critical thinking is important as shown here. 

To help you out, here are the best inspirational books for Singapore teenagers for 2020

You Don’t Have to Learn Everything the Hard Way

Teens often learn things the hard way if they are trying to understand what they are going through.

Sometimes, they can go to the extremes just to understand them, like trying out drugs and even succumbing to peer pressure. In fact, your peers can affect your grades and performance in school. But, you don’t have to do it the hard way as proven by Laya Saul.

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In her book, readers can understand various topics that may be causing you to have problems with coping or analyzing. To help, Saul used stories, quotes, and questions for young readers to reflect on to understand these issues or emotions.

Parents and teachers will also enjoy the book because it can give them a manual on how they can handle any kind of teenager just like our article here.

The 6 Most Important Decisions You’ll Ever Make

Decisions are not to be made lightly and for teenagers, each decision has significant effects in life.

It is also frustrating to do since a teenager will need to run through all sorts of scenarios to get to the conclusion they want. But, while there are decisions that they can forget once they are done, teenagers do have to make 6 key decisions that can change their life.

With this book, Sean Covey talks about how you can make the right decisions on six key issues you will face during this period.

It will also help you get along with your family, friends and deal with issues you may experience like dating and others. The topics are discussed in various ways to keep you inspired to keep reading.

Life Lists for Teens

Sometimes, teens need a written guide to see how their plans could go according to how they want it to.

This unique book by Pamela Espeland can be compared to a “life guide” book since it has 200 tips for teens to understanding life and how to keep up with the various issues they face.

Each list is like a miniature help book that guides teens through sensitive topics and allows them to think deeper on each topic.

I Will Not Be Erased

If you feel ‘different’ or ‘singled out’ by others, you will love to read the book “I Will Not Be Erased.”

The book by online and print magazine Gal-dem showcases different stories from women or non-binary people of colour who have experienced the feeling of ‘different’ in certain points in their lives.

Some of these stories look into how they deal with love, sexuality, and identity. Others even share their life story.

As a teenager, you definitely would want to see this book and check out how you can also understand yourself and be proud of it.

I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban

The story of Malala Yousafzai became a worldwide topic after she was shot by a Taliban member when she was 15 after she fought for education for girls.

In her book, she shares how it was like living in Pakistan, the details about her attack and her passion for empowering young girls with education.

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The book is an inspiration, especially if you want to also fight for what is right.

The Success Principles for Teens

Success is a target of any teen, but it is a struggle to achieve such a goal.

In this book by Jack Canfield and Kent Healy, they offer a simple roadmap for teens to try out to reach out to any goal they have in mind.

They included 23 inspiring success stories to inspire teens to try out, as well as explain how the strategies applied in these situations assisted teens in succeeding in life.

What Color Is Your Parachute?

Career is something teens find hard to decide on when they reach this age. There are a lot of factors that can affect a teenager’s decision, and sometimes, these decisions lead them to unhappy career life in the future.

Carol Christen and Richard Bolles understand this and with their book, guide teens in understanding how they can get through this problem.

They provide advice on how teens and college students look at various careers, see what is ideal for them and others. The book also provides examples of how students can respond to key situations that involve their career options.

Inside Out and Back Again

In several parts of Europe and the United States, the refugee crisis is an issue that has a lot of political, social and economic implications teenagers may find hard to fathom.

The book follows the story of a Vietnamese family who moved to the US to escape the crisis in Vietnam. But, like other refugee families moving to a new land, they experienced bullying from the people around them and sadness because of their situation.

This book by Thanhha Lai looks into the crisis using a free verse poem format to talk about the issue and explain it to teens.

Do Hard Things

It can be stressful to be a teen, which can affect their self-esteem if they are unable to keep up with everything they have to deal with. You may even resist help from your parents. 

The book is also written by teens so teen readers can definitely find it easy to relate to the stories in this book.

With this said, this book will help teens understand how their self-esteem affects their life and how to stay motivated like our recommended list of inspirational movies.  


Books are a throve of information, especially if you can’t find articles online that give a clear explanation of what you want to know. These books will definitely help you get through life transitions and help you understand yourself better.

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