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5 Fashion Basics Every Student Wearing Uniforms Must Stick To

The concept of uniform has its share of admirers and detractors. While the pros and cons of student uniform are beyond the scope of this article, you can’t deny the fact that uniforms make your morning dressing decisions easier. Yes?

Wearing uniforms is more or less a norm for the majority of educational institutes around the globe. Even here in Singapore, college authorities and tutors put in a lot of emphasis on wearing uniforms for their disciplinary values.

The Struggle is Real!

It’s no surprise that you find it extremely boring to wear those blue-&-white plaid skirts and equally non-inspiring shirts of predominantly dull color combinations.

You would like to be a trendsetter, but the strict dress code of your institution is not allowing you enough freedom to bring out some adorable fashion ideas.

Wondering what you should do to dress up in uniform appropriately and yet look stylish and fashionable at the same time?

Don’t worry. We are here to help you out.

Uniforms may not be the best when it comes to making style statements, but there are several ways to improve your looks while wearing uniforms. While every institute follows its own dress code policy, there are certain fashion basics that students can stick to for improvising the look and feel of uniforms.

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Let’s find out 5 fashion basics that can help you make a trendy style statement while dressing up in uniforms.

Fashion Basics for Students

1. Try Out a Top or Camisole Underneath Your Shirt

Most schools allow students to wear a camisole underneath the school uniform. You can tuck in a contrasting colored round or V-necked top inside your shirt. It would look classy and help you stand apart from the crowd.

2. Make Your Shoes Do the Talking

Shoes are often the least supervised item. In most cases, there is only a color code that you need to adhere to.

If there’re no such restrictions, you can look out for a stylish pair of shoes that can provide both style and comfort. You may not imagine it, but just having cool footwear can give your school uniform a new perspective.

Socks can be yet another loophole in a strict uniform guideline. Don’t go over-the-top with a funky choice, but a neutral pattern or dark shade can help in adding some variety. You can try out knee-high socks or go for no socks at all – in case your school permits.

Just try it out, you won’t be disappointed.

3. Add Subtle Decoration

While changing the design of your uniform may be out of bounds, you can try to decorate subtle details to add some fantastic customization.

Tiny little buttons of innovative shapes or even brooches can add a new flavor to an otherwise plain cardigan. If allowed, embroidering design of your school emblem on your shirt or sweater can give it a new stylish look. Think about other creative options. The idea is to look for a loophole in the uniform policy and make the most of it.

4. Accessories Matter a Lot

Accessories provide you a great deal of scope for customization. It is probably the easiest way to change up a boring look. So get creative with your choice of accessories and stand unique.

Wouldn’t you love to use badges, stickers, and ribbons to add personality to your uniforms? For example, tasteful pins can be a good addition to your jacket or sweater. Adding a colorful ribbon on the top edge of your socks can also be a small but effective way to alter your looks.

No matter whether you are adding up accessories to your shirt collar, cardigan or school bag, they would look cool and different.

Your backpacks, lunch bags and lunch boxes can also play an important role in your bid to look different. Even a stylish umbrella can be used to make a fashion statement.

There might be guidelines for wearing personal accessories, but usually you will get the room to wiggle around a bit. So don’t be afraid to try something new each day. A few innovative ideas in this regard are –

  • A stylish hair clip, headband or bow.
  • A trendy watch.
  • 1 or 2 unobtrusive pieces of jewelry.
  • A matching scarf or muffler that fits your uniform colors.

5. Get Your Uniform Custom Fit

If your school/college is pretty strict on uniform guidelines, then you may not have the luxury to try out the above-mentioned tips. In that case, your only option would be to have your uniform custom fit. Figure out what is allowed and what is not as far as the uniform modification is concerned.

Then take the uniform to a tailor and have it altered to fit on your body perfectly. You can make adjustments to the sleeve length, waist height or the overall width according to your own preference. A perfect fit dress not only provides the desired level of comfort, but also gives you the confidence to carry it well.

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Don’t forget attitude matters! You can sizzle even in a boring uniform by bringing out your rocking attitude.

Final Words

Tired of wearing the same old uniform as everybody else does, day in and day out? Would you like to be a fashion trendsetter among your classmates? Try out the five fashion basics discussed in this article to showcase your personality while staying within the confines of your institution’s uniform guidelines.

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