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Why Should You Study your Master’s Degree in Singapore?

Gone are the days when a bachelor’s degree was regarded as a stepping-stone to a lucrative career. In this dynamic business environment, a master’s degree has become a necessity to gain an edge over competitors.

Earning a master’s degree helps you obtain specialised acumen to advance in a specific field. As the master’s degree narrows your focus to one particular area of study, you’ll become more competitive in the job market.

Now that you have learnt the benefits of earning a master’s degree, you’re probably thinking of why we suggested Singapore as an ideal study destination, right? This article will help you explore the top reasons to choose Singapore for earning a master’s degree. So, let’s talk about these reasons thoroughly.

Top Reasons to Study Master’s Degree in Singapore

1. Singapore’s universities are among the best in the world

The Republic of Singapore is popular as a significant business and education hub. Impressively, two local universities in Singapore have earned their places in the Top 10 Best Higher Education Institutions, according to QS University Rankings for Asian 2021.

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Additionally, universities in Singapore are equipped with modern teaching tools, technology, and research facilities to deliver top-quality education.

2. English is the medium of instruction

Language is no barrier while studying in Singapore as the medium of instruction in local universities is English. Besides being the medium of education, English is spoken everywhere in the country, from restaurants to banks, shopping malls to clubs, etc. Therefore, you need not worry about the language while enrolling in a master’s degree in Singaporean universities.

3. Financial aid and scholarships

Many aspire to earn a master’s degree abroad, but financial constraints force students to give up on their dreams. But don’t get discouraged by the high tuition fees in Singaporean universities. If you plan to study in Singapore, you can apply for government subsidies to reduce the education cost. Apart from this, you can also apply for scholarship programmes to lower your expenses.

4. Award-winning academic curriculums

Universities in Singapore have a palette of specialisations to offer you. From Master of Science in Finance to MBA International Business, MA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management to MA International Business, you can pursue a master’s in any course of your choice. Fortunately, Singaporean universities offer award-winning curriculums to help you become competitive in this ever-evolving business environment.

5. Opens many doors

Students usually prefer acquiring a master’s degree for higher earning potential, a career change, networking opportunities, in-depth knowledge in the field, personal development, broad career prospects, or following a passion. If you also possess similar desires for your personal or professional goals, consider Singapore for pursuing a master’s programme.

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Wrapping Up

Singapore has a thriving economy, enabling individuals to earn relatively high wages and enjoy a high standard of living. As of January 2021, the average salary in Singapore is around SGD 5,783 per month.

Apply for a master’s programme in more than one top-ranked university to increase the chances of getting accepted!

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