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Societal Impacts and Effects of Online Education

What is ‘online education’?

Also known as online learning where students can access education through online means. Everything is accessible to us through our electronic devices, classes, and lectures, or learning resources.

As long as we have the internet and our mobile devices, we have access to education anywhere and anytime.

But did you know that online education has impacted society and affected many of us individually? Let’s talk about that.

Making Learning More Accessible


Online learning has revolutionised education. It has made learning more convenient and affordable for us, opening up more options to pursue courses we like or have a passion for. Moreover, even top-notch courses like online MBA and engineering can be taken virtually.

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For example, now, there are more online courses at overseas universities, meaning that we don’t need to worry about the expenses of studying abroad. We can just study for a degree from the comfort of our own homes.

Encouraging Independent Learning


Recently, there has been more emphasis on independent learning, and this is because of online education. As many of us students learn online, we tend to turn to the internet for resources and information.

Not only that, but it offers us control over our own learning. We can tailor our learning to our own needs and interests. We can also delve into various skills and fields since all the information is online.

More Self-Esteem and Confidence


With independent learning comes an increase in self-esteem. Studies show that independent learners tend to have higher standards, more motivation, and higher self-esteem.

We also have access to online services and resources that we can rely on (something like a safety net). For example, we can use an essay writing service in the UK to get tips on essay writing. Essay writing can be tough for many of us so essay writing services come in pretty handy!

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Increased Connection and Interaction


With online learning, distance is no longer an issue. This means that we can easily connect with classmates far away, especially if we take part in an online overseas course.

Online learning has also allowed us to join online discussions or set up class blogs and chats, enabling us to connect with classmates.

Overall, online learning provides us with an opportunity to meet new people worldwide.


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Online education used to be a distant dream. But with the technological advancements in the past decade and the pandemic, it has become our everyday life.

I hope this article shows you a few benefits of online learning and its societal impacts!

Rum Tan

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