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The Benefits of Peer Tutoring

Peer tutoring is a student-to-student academic help programme that is often practised in schools, for students as young as primary schoolers.

It is most common in universities and is more formally recognised as a commendable commitment for the tutor’s portfolio.

Because of the large class sizes in Singapore schools, it is impossible for school teachers to be able to give enough attention to every student. Plus, introverted students might also be struggling with raising their questions in a class setting.

This is why peer tutoring in schools exists.

Types of peer tutoring

1. Uni-directional (A student who is more academically advanced helps the other student)

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2. Bi-directional (Buddy system where both students are assigned to help each other in different areas)

3. Group tutoring

So, what are the benefits of peer tutoring?

It helps to strengthen both parties’ understanding

Aside from, of course, the tutee benefiting from the academic coaching, the student-tutor also stands to benefit.

It is a commonly known fact that when you teach someone, you are confirming your understanding and revising your concepts at the same time.

If your tutee asks questions that you are not able to answer, it naturally highlights the gaps in your understanding that you need to fill.

It helps to build connections

Whether you have a fixed tutee or a group of tutees, it is always beneficial to expand your network, no matter what stage of education you may be in.

Your tutee might be able to link you up with contacts that you need. For example, if you are planning on becoming a tutor, your tutee could refer students to you if they feel that you are a good tutor.

Networking is really important and can provide you with opportunities that you may not even expect. Getting in touch with the right people can help you to achieve your dreams without having to rely on your qualifications alone.

It helps aspiring tutors or teachers to gain experience

Being a tutor or teacher is becoming increasingly popular, mainly because of how rewarding it is.

If you do have plans on becoming a tutor or teacher, starting small in school without charging fees can help you to gain experience and bravely trial-and-error the different teaching methods to see what works and what doesn’t for your future teaching career.

This is so that when you do have your first official student, you are more experienced, knowledgeable, and know exactly what to do.


Peer tutoring is a beneficial programme for all the parties involved — an opportunity that you should definitely take up if you have the chance to.

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