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Past vs Present: Do Singaporean Kids Have Better Education Than Their Parents?

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There are many advantages of being an intelligent kid. Smarter children perform better in schools; they can get scholarships and intern ships and eventually build a better life for themselves. That is why every parent wants their child to be smarter, healthier and more successful in life than they were. In many instances, parents work very hard to provide their children with the facilities and opportunities they themselves could not get it.

With so much effort being put in, every parent wants to know if their child is doing well in studies, if their child will be successful in life? And if not, how can they contribute to helping their children a better future?

Times have changed

In the last 40 years, Singapore has reshaped itself as a global powerhouse in terms of economics, health care, social welfare and education. The children of today grow up in a country which is one of the most advanced in the world. However, their parents and grandparents grew up in a country which was vastly different from modern Singapore.

Kids today have a better education system, better teachers, and a thriving tuition system to take them further in life, till college and beyond. They grow up in a Singapore which is a harmonious, thriving, multi-cultural hub with generally good relations with neighbouring countries.

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Better Healthcare and Nutrition

Scientifically, it has been proven that good healthcare early in life has a significant impact on the eventual mental and physical development of children. Longer birth length, higher birth weight and the general health of a mother has a directly proportional impact on IQ and intelligence (Birit F.P et al 2009)

Taking this into account, Singapore has done exceptionally well to improve the health of it’s citizens. In 1970 the infant mortality rate in Singapore stood at 20.1 for every 1000 births. By 2014, this has fallen 10 times to just 1.8 for every 1000 births due to better healthcare for mothers.

Furthermore, in just 10 years between 2004 and 2014, life expectancy has increased by a staggering average of 3 years.

Rigorous Education System

However, healthcare is not the only direct cause of smarter children. Singapore has the smartest kids in the world according to international PISA tests but many countries with exceptionally good healthcare do not even come close to that distinction. That is because, with good healthcare it is equally important to provide the right kind education, and there is no doubt that Singapore has developed an education system which is now the envy of the world. The Singapore government has spent massively on revising the education system every few years to meet modern standards, hiring only qualified and trained teachers and keeping a track of every child to ensure they succeed.

By providing a highly efficient healthcare system, an advanced education system and a thriving economy, the government of Singapore has ensured that the future generations are smarter, more skilled and better equipped to take on the world.

Nurturing Parents

In all this we should look at the huge role parents have played in helping their children. Unlike Western countries where it is a staple to tell children they are smart, regardless of their performance and where children are not pressured to excel, Singapore is the complete opposite. Parents instil the importance of education, learning and hard work in their children from an early age.

Every child is taught to understand that the more they work, learn and educate themselves, the more opportunities they will have in life. Parents invest time, money and effort in ensuring that their children are smarter than the rest. They do this by making sure their children study hard, complete their homework, get tuition when they need it, and do not waste time or adopt poor habits. Developing such an environment in a friendly yet assertive way is the responsibility of the parent and Singaporean parents are doing a great job at it!

It is the hard work and sheer dedication of parents which has ensured that the new generation in Singapore is smarter and better able to build a future for themselves and the country. No amount of education can replace the invaluable wisdom and experience these parents have.

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