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How Does My Personality Type Influence My Choice in College Major?


Hey there! We understand that selecting the right college major is a crucial decision that can shape your academic path and future career.

Let’s keep it short and simple. As we all know, our education scene has always been fiercely competitive, befitting the “kiasu” nature among Singaporeans. As such, the dilemma over your post-graduation options is completely normal! But not to worry, we’re here to address those worries!

Yes, as you’ve surmised from the title of this article, we’ll be exploring the correlation between your personality type and the selection of a college major!

It’ll be quick and easy, so give this a read to have a better insight to make informed decisions for your educational pursuits!

Let’s begin!

Understanding Personality Types

Personality by definition needs no introductions. But did you know how much it impacts you when it comes to your career-defining milestones?

Knowing your personality type is something you should attempt to learn about when you are preparing to or are about to reach graduation day.

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Through a personality test, we can better interpret these patterns to deduce our strengths and limitations. From the results, you can then ununderstand your innate characteristics, preferences, and tendencies to make informed and prepared decisions that resonate with who you are.

You get a better understanding of your emotional aptitude and the logic behind your day-to-day choices.

Your preferences, shortcomings, and capabilities are all recorded through a series of questions that probe your mannerisms and reactions to situations and challenges. This in turn helps you to identify directions towards your professional development.

For instance, you might discover that you concentrate better when your surroundings are well-organised, or perhaps you might find yourself leaning towards a logic that is scored by the test as “flexible or creative”, giving you another reason to consider that artistic side of you!

How Can I Align My Personality with My Academic Pursuits?

[Spring College]

So what does this have to do with the pursuit of your education?

You see, through your personality type, you can find inclinations towards certain academic specialties that align with your characteristics and ideals!

What does that mean exactly? Well, to ask the inverse, you wouldn’t want to choose and be stuck with a field of study that you never had aptitude for, would you?

After all, we all want to have passion for, and excel in whatever major that we decide to undertake. It is an important stage in our lives that will determine our trajectory in life.

If you find yourself to have a high degree of preference towards analytical and logical traits, it would be easy to set your sights on majors like engineering or computer science. Conversely, your empathetic and social tendencies would draw you closer towards fields such as psychology, education or social sciences.

Here is an easy step-by-step process that you can follow to get through this step!

1) Undertake a comprehensive personality assessment.

2) Research and identify majors that align with their personality traits.

3) Seek guidance from academic counselors, parents, or experienced tutors to discuss these options.

4) Explore related extracurricular activities or part-time jobs to experience the practical application of these fields.

Top Majors for Each Personality Type

Let’s narrow down the choices for your college major using your conclusive personality type.

Following the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), We’ve listed some majors below that might align well with you!

ISTJ (Inspector)
Business Administration
ISFJ (Protector)
Social Work
INFJ (Counselor)
Social Work
INTJ (Mastermind)


Computer Science
ISTP (Craftsman)
Mechanical Engineering
Computer Engineering
Construction Management
ISFP (Composer) 
Graphic Design
INFP (Healer)
Creative Writing
Environmental Science
INTP (Architect)
Computer Science
ESTP (Promoter)
ESFP (Performer)
Hospitality Management
ENFP (Champion)
Public Relations
Social Sciences
ENTP (Inventor)
Political Science
ESTJ (Supervisor)
ESFJ (Provider)
Human Resources
Healthcare Administration
ENFJ (Teacher)
Human Resources
Public Relations
ENTJ (Commander)
Business Administration
Political Science

Research Well For the Future of Your Education!

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It’s important to remember that personality is just one aspect to consider when choosing a major, and it should be complemented by careful exploration, self-reflection, and gathering information about different fields.

Ultimately, finding the right college major involves a combination of personal introspection, career exploration, and a willingness to adapt and grow as you navigate your academic and professional path.

So, embrace your unique personality traits and let them guide you towards a college major that resonates with your passions and aspirations!

Rum Tan

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