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Free Algebra Apps for Tutors and Parents

Math is the bane of many students including me, especially algebra.

Aside from numbers, students have to deal with complicated equations and theories which can confuse them greatly. As they go further to the deeper branches of the course, everything becomes a blur.

Tutors and parents also find difficult to teach the subject, even if they have already studied them before. Fortunately, there are various resources now available for students, parents and tutors to use to help make algebra easier to understand.

If you want to help your child or student practice their algebra skills, here are some apps that can help out:

Algebra Champ

Want to help your kids learn how to solve algebra easily, especially single variable linear equations? Why not download Algebra Champ?

This free app will help your child understand how they can answer linear equations fast with the help of its unique game mechanics.

Each question is generated randomly and it has five rounds. It is also in multiple choice and the answers are simple integers from -10 to 10. The app would then show how the questions can be computed so users can check their work.

Let your child play the app every day and they will slowly get used to basic algebraic problems and integers.

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Easel Algebra Lite

If you want to help your child learn how they can solve a problem step-by-step, Easel Algebra Lite is your app.

This app is like an interactive Algebra workbook, which shows how each problem can be solved by pressing the “ShowMe” button.

It will also explain each part so students can understand how the formula is applied to the question. It can be akin to having a tutor on your fingertips.


For students who find it hard to master exponents, this app is for them.

Using this app, students will be able to learn the rules behind exponents and how each rule is applied. Several test questions are also in the app to test students if they managed to understand the concept.

Jr High Algebra

Looking for an app that can help your child review their algebra lessons no matter where they are? You should look into Jr. High Algebra.

This app will help your child practice higher algebra with the help of videos, quizzes and random challenges. They can answer on the app and see if their answers are correct.

The app will then show the right way to answer the problem and explain what formula was used. It will also highlight which parts should be checked first before it is solved.

Khan Academy: Algebra 1 & 2

Is your child a visual learner? Why not use Khan Academy: Algebra 1 & 2 to help them out?

The Khan Academy app uses videos that are in their library to teach students about algebra. Users simply have to download the lecture videos to their iPhone or iPad and watch the videos anywhere they want. No need to be online constantly.

They also update regularly to ensure that users can try out new problems.

Ooops for iPad

Having difficulty answering algebra problems, especially those with many parentheses? If that is a yes, your child should try out Ooops for iPad.

This app has several problems in its database and helps users solve these problems. It will show how users should move one set (or more) of parentheses on the right side and make it balanced with the left side.

Your child can use the app to check if their answers are correct by selecting the check option. This option will then reveal if the parentheses were correctly moved and got the right answer.


If your child is not very good with polynomials, this is the app for them.

Polynomials is an app designed to help students understand how polynomials work.

It comes with helpful videos that explain every aspect of polynomials, as well as challenges your child can do each week.

Proportion Solver

Looking for a great way to learn proportions? Proportion Solver is here to help.

This app helps explain how proportion works.

Just write the ratio and the values of both the numerator or the denominator for the incomplete ratio. The app would then show your child the incomplete ratio he or she is looking for.

The app is also great if you are looking for an app that can help you convert values such as temperature, speed, currency, and measurement.

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Quadratic Formula Solver

For those who find it difficult to answer quadratic equations, this app is a life-saver.

The app will show you how you can easily answer quadratic equations step-by-step with the help of videos and mini-challenges. It will also help you check your work and show you how to correct your answer.

Using this app will greatly benefit users not just for their algebra classes. Quadratic formulas are also used in Physics, Calculus and Chemistry and this app can also be used to answer them.


It is true that math is very difficult to grasp and understand, especially if it is the complicated branches like algebra. However, we should not worry about it too much because there are a lot of resources out there that can help out.

Learning about algebra can give one a great boon because its applications can also be seen in real life.

With the help of the apps, we listed above, we hope that your child will be able to appreciate the subject better. We also hope that they will be able to grasp this difficult subject and find it easier to solve. Good luck!

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