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Do Parents Have the Right to Check their Teenager’s Mobile Phones?

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The use of mobile phones among teenagers has become a common trend in recent times.

With the rise of social media platforms and messaging apps, it is no surprise that parents are concerned about the activities of their teenagers on their phones.

The question is, do parents have the right to check their teenager’s mobile phones?

Phone monitoring is a controversial topic. It’s important for parents to consider both sides of the argument before deciding whether or not to monitor their teenager’s phone. 

Here are some tips that could help:

Questions to Consider Before Checking Your Teenager’s Phone

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Before you decide to check your teenager’s phone, consider the following questions:

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1) What is the purpose of checking their phone? Are there any alternatives to checking their phone?

2) What are the potential consequences for you and your teen if you decide to check their phone?

3) Is there a way that you could make this more of a win-win situation for both parties involved

Ask Them Questions Without Criticising

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Asking frequently what your teen is up to is a respectful way of knowing their online activities without breaking their trust.

Naturally, some teens will be more open than others. The goal is to create a safe space for your teen to share.

Teens will immediately notice criticism or concern disguised as questions. This heavily depends on your tone and the words you are saying.

Have an Open Conversation

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Establishing trust is the best way to ensure your teen is safe and healthy. You can do this by openly conversing with them about phone use and setting clear boundaries.

If you are worried about something in their life, talk to them about it instead of checking their phone.

Explaining your concerns and potential dangers can help your child understand why you’re checking their phone and can help build trust between the two of you.

If they refuse to tell you what’s going on or if they become defensive when asked questions, then you can opt for an intervention.

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But before taking this step, you can sit down and have an open conversation so that everyone can talk about what has been happening and any concerns they might have had over time.

How to Monitor Phone Use

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You can monitor your teen’s phone use by using parental control apps. These apps allow you to block certain websites, set time limits on their phone usage, and monitor all text messages and calls. Some apps that you can use include:

  • Kaspersky Safe Kids
  • Norton parental control software
  • FamiSafe
  • M1 – Cyber Guardian Internet parental control

Setting clear limits on your teenager’s phone use is essential, especially when monitoring their usage.

You should tell them what the rules are before they get a smartphone and stick to them consistently throughout the year.

If there are any changes in these guidelines, make sure that both you and your child agree on them beforehand so there are no surprises later on down the road.

Open communication is essential when setting ground rules for mobile device usage at home or school. Keep reminding your child of the importance of transparency in case problems they can’t handle while using their phones arises.

Tips for Setting Phone Time Usage

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Talk about the media they’re using, their time on each app, and the consequences of breaking the rules.

You can control Apple devices by Family Sharing (available on iOS 9 or later) or Screen Time (available on iOS 12). Both allow you to manage content and time spent on apps and websites from one central location.

You can control Android phones through Google Family Link or Samsung Smart Manager. These services offer similar functionality as Apple’s Screen Time feature but may vary slightly depending on which Android device model your teen uses.

The Benefits of Monitoring Phone Use

Monitoring phone use among teens is important for many reasons. It can help you:

The Risks of Monitoring Your Teen’s Phone

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Monitoring your teen’s phone will make them feel like you are invading their privacy. This could make them hide their activities from you or lie about their actions.

It’s important to remember that teenagers need privacy and space to develop correctly as individuals. So, monitor your child’s mobile device usage moderately.

When your child feels they can’t trust you, it can damage your relationship and may even cause resentment from them.


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Parents need to talk to their teenagers about phone use and safety. So, if going through your teen’s phone is the only way to keep up with their activities, be respectful.

Make sure you talk to them and explain why you need to go through their phone. If you find anything inappropriate, remember to talk to them calmly and respectfully and remind them that we all make mistakes.

Put in mind that trust goes both ways. If you have breached your teen’s trust, being accountable for your actions is vital.

By doing this, you set a good example for your child, and they will be able to respect you more if you admit to overstepping the boundaries.

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