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Best Bahasa Melayu Apps for Kids to Pick Up Malay Language Quickly

Play is one way that you can use to encourage children in learning languages. There are many benefits to learning a language using apps used on smartphones such as iPhone, Android, etc). The new generation of mobile phones is now very advanced and can handle rather complex applications as well as multimedia.

Similarly, Singapore has some very good educational applications to ease learning Bahasa Malaysia.

Two of the best ones include the Pintar Kata and Pintar Peribahasa apps. The developer for this app is the Malay Language Centre of Singapore, under the Ministry of Education in Singapore. Both of these games can be downloaded for free making them easy to access.

So, what are the benefits of using language learning apps as compared to the more traditional methods (books, evening classes, etc)?

Pintar Peribahasa

This app tests students on their knowledge of Peribahasa. How will this app help your child improve their Malay language knowledge? The Players are given points or some virtual coins every time they correctly guess the peribahasa. Points are also deducted whenever you request for a clue.

This app is a great and fun way to study your peribahasa. Try challenging your child simply for the fun of it. Each child loves having a challenge.

Pintar Kata

Also done by the developers of Pintar Peribahasa, this is another Malaya app known as Pintar Kata. It is a word game and your child begins the game by choosing an avatar as well as a name.

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How can your child use this app for best results in learning Malay? This game needs that you to create 20 words from a listing of alphabets within a given time frame. Virtual coins and points are awarded to the winner.

Learn Malay Free

This application allows you to learn over 100 expressions and words from selected Malay language lessons. It’s very intuitive and easy.

How can your child make the most in using this app? Before you leave for school, classes or courses, learn some Malay using a tablet or mobile phone.

Simply follow the selected tutorials and even learn to speak, write, Malay language in a few days.

Speak Malay

Speak Malay app has over 2000 words under 55 categories such as Number, Food, Travel, Clothes, Health, Emergency, etc. It will support you in learning the Malay Language.

How can your child use this app? Since imagery helps us remember things easily, the Learn Malay app has many audios and word images for SMART learning. This app has different kinds of games which makes it more interactive.

L-Lingo Learn Malay

L-Lingo app comprises of thousands of native speaker audio and images. How does this app support students in learning Malay? This app is designed to allow for easy use.

It also takes advantage of multimedia channels – recordings of local Malay speech, words, and pictures – this will enable you to understand Malay phrases and words useful while on the road, as you interact with Malay speakers when working and in the family or day-to-day life, and when working.

Benefits of using apps for learning the Malay language

Malay learning apps come with many advantages for your child. What benefits do these apps bring in the learning process?

Learn Anytime and Anywhere

Apps for learning languages can let you learn anytime and from anywhere. Will this improve the child’s Malay language skills? As you travel, you can listen to some Malay audios and time flies by! Apparently you can also learn a language using a book, however, it’s much more interesting when you using language learning apps!

Keeps you busy as you wait for appointments/bus

The benefit of language learning apps is that they are always on you. Most times, as you are waiting for appointments or for the bus, rather than waste time, you can use this time to learn Malay. Can this help your child? By using the language app in this way you will be able to pass time and even review and also play a little.

Learn at Your Own Pace, with no Constraints

When you use an app for learning Malay on your own you will be able to follow our own pace. Since this will complement what your child learns in school. How can it support your child in their studies? It can be a great resource that will let them pick up the language at their pace and in a way that they understand the language use best.

Interactivity and Multimedia Makes it More Entertaining

Since most language apps use a system that contains sound, images, and video. Are language learning apps good for your child’s learning journey? This makes language apps much more effective and motivating! Furthermore, your child can get corrections and feedback immediately. Hence there is no need to wait to get corrections.

It’s Fun!

By using apps that present learning through games format, it is possible for your child to learn yet have fun. Since apps are portable via smartphones, your child can use a crossword puzzle and games to help revise their vocabulary and Malay idiom, or role-playing which allows for dialogues in Malay.

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It keeps you interested

By the mere fact that it’s fun, language apps can keep your child motivated. So, can imagine what all the content that is regularly updated, virtual coaching, and even statistical progressions can do to your child’s motivation? It’s likely that your child will learn more new words within a short time.

Wrapping Up!

Owing to the continuous development in technology has made it possible to have applications that support learning. The new generations of mobile phones are more advanced now and will now handle complex multimedia and applications.

To help support children learning Malay, The MOE through Malay Language Centre of Singapore has developed very good learning apps to facilitate the study of Bahasa Melayu.

Since these apps can be downloaded for free, they are easy to access to all students taking Malay subject at school.

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