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5 Must-Have Apps to Boost Your Child’s Brain Power for PSLE

Is your child taking their PSLE this year? If that is a big yes, your child would definitely need all the help they can get to review for this exam season.

Books can go a long way to help prepare your kid. But in today’s world, technology also offers great ways to help your child with their exam.

But, with the variety of mobile apps available in the market today, which ones would be good for your child’s PSLE preparations?

Which ones can test your child’s current preparedness and help them revise?

To get you started, here are the five must-have apps I highly recommend you to get installed in your mobile phone or tablet to boost your child’s brainpower for PSLE:


In preparing for math and science, PSLE Prep is a great app to start with.

The app has a record of all the solutions to the problems listed in all math and science textbooks for Primary 1 to Primary 6. It is regularly updated whenever there is a change in the books or curriculum, ensuring that the solutions are up-to-date.

The app comes with a homework help section where your child can type in the questions they have about the subject and have an expert answer it in 24 hours.

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Your child can also browse the app without ads check all the questions and answers recorded in the Homework Help section.

PSLE Prep is available in iOS.

PSLE Chinese Flash Cards

For your child’s PSLE Chinese or Higher Chinese review, you can use the PSLE Chinese Flash Cards app to help them prepare.

The app contains all 1,670 words and characters included in the MOE syllabus which your child can review.

Each card has an audio recording on how the word is pronounced and examples of how it is used. The characters are also written in a large font to help children learn how it is written.

The app also allows children to shuffle the order of the flashcards so they can memorize it more accurately. If not, you can have it sorted in order and test your child’s memory with it.

PSLE Chinese Flash Cards is available in iOS in two versions. The free version only covers all the words and characters for P1 Chinese, while the paid version covers P1 to P6.

Flashcards +

If your child wants to study facts and key details about a topic, flashcards are a great way to jot them down and memorize.

Normally, your child will need to fill up a lot of small cards to cover all the facts you need and carry them along. But, carrying a lot of flashcards can be difficult and bulky.

Sometimes, your child may find it hard to put into order if someone else used it and messed up its system. They may also encounter problems if they lost one card from the set.

Flashcards+ is a great app that your child can use substitute with regular flashcards.

With the app, your child can create flashcards as normal and sort them easily based on the subject the flashcard is for. The app also allows fellow users to share flashcards and add photos in the flashcards, which you cannot do on a regular flashcard.

You can also keep a lot of flashcards through the app and not worry about it getting it out of order.

Flashcards+ is available on iOS.

PSLE Science

Does your child need a better way to study for their PSLE Science exams?

The PSLE Science app allows users to test on the questions that are often asked during the PSLE exams.

Each question comes with diagrams to help students visualize the question better and determine the right answer. An explanation would appear once the child answers a question.

The app even offers an incentive for children to keep using it since the app comes with an achievement wall where they can collect badges.

The app also displays regular tips for students so they can revise their notes regularly. But, it can be pretty brief so it is only ideal to use for general revisions.

PSLE Science is available on iOS with paid add-on content. Each topic is worth $0.99 each and if you want the entire content, you have to pay $5.99.


Want your child to have a tutor to help them prepare for the PSLE without having to pay too much? Snapask: 1-on-1 Homework Help is the app to choose.

To use this app, your children simply have to take a picture of the question they are having trouble with and submit it.

Once the question is in the platform, tutors connected to the app would answer the inquiry with audio, text and visual explanation. The tutor would also help you review the concepts and see how well you understood it.

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The app has tutors for any subject imaginable, from primary school subjects to A-levels, making it a great study buddy for your child. Parents can be assured that the tutors connected to the app are reliable based on the reviews and ratings given to the tutor by the app’s users.

Aside from offering tutors that you can talk to, the app also comes with a special feature known as Snapask Academy. Here, students who prefer to see visual images of concepts and topics to learn can read the content and take quizzes.

Snapask is available on both iOS and Android. It comes with membership plans for unlimited one-on-one tutoring sessions.

Extra Tip:

While using these apps, ask your child to also check the facts with their books and notes to double check if the answers are correct. Some of these apps may have missed a fact or two, which your child may need to know about the subject.

If we want our children to do well in their PSLE, we need to give them all the materials necessary to review them. With these apps, your child will be able to revise their review notes and prepare their mindset more accurately and help them score well in PSLE.

Rum Tan

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