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Essential Phone Interview Tips A Tutor Ought To Know

Once a parent decides on short-listing you as a tutor, they often times will call you for a brief phone interview. You can look forward to the phone call to last between 10-30 minutes. Phone interviews have in the recent past played an important preliminary role. This allows parents to give candidates the examination and after set for an in-person meeting. Lately, parents prefer to screen home tutors through conducting a phone interview for them to be able to ask academic related questions earlier preempted for a first tuition session.

Always check with your coordinator about the best set of time for you to get in touch with the parent. It’s important for you to recognize that most parents are working thus they have hectic schedules. Therefore, call during the specified time and don’t keep the parents waiting as this reflects on your punctuality during an actual lesson.

Find a very quiet place as noisy backgrounds will distract your thoughts train.It is advisable that you pick a quiet place to pick the call. When you find yourself outside, be sure to always check back with the parent whether you can return the call once you are in a much quieter venue.

Articulate and speak deliberately using a steady persuasive tone. Since you can’t read a parent’s facial expression, you may start doubting if they are still with on the line. Ensure your phone reception is strong especially when using your handset, but definitely, a landline is highly recommended.

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Prepare To Discuss Your Full Tuition Histories

Private tutors in most cases are asked to talk about their whole tuition histories. This often includes all their teaching experiences obtained from different types and levels of their students. This is also to be expected as you will need to brief the parents how you can handle and teach their children.

Mostly, in today’s society, almost every household has both parents working. This leaves the children under the care of grandparents or caretakers. Therefore, parents need details on how the new private tutor will guide their children successfully into future.

In a word, parents have to determine what you as a private tutor are offering and suggesting really caters to their children’s needs. This has to also be in alignment with long-term objectives.

Let The Parents State The Weaknesses And Needs Of Their Children

It is advisable that you get further information about the tutee from the parents. You can find out about their learning attitude and their attention span. At all times let the parents give you information about their child before you recommend your approach and methodology.

Basically, this will help you have a better understanding of the tutee making it easier for you to prepare a lesson plan for your first lesson. Also keep in mind that in the end, the parent always gets feedback from their children about the coaching and your preparation for your first lesson.

In addition, do remember to always let the parents share the needs and weaknesses regarding their children before you can plan a tutoring method. Only a parent knows their children better, therefore, the information they share with you will help you know the type of student you are dealing with. Be attentive with all that a parent said over a conversation as it will be of great help to you during when class assignment starts.

Share And Be Prepared To Propose

All through the phone interview, it’s essential that as a committed tutor you be truthful. This is because everything you discuss and mention to a parent will be all you need to convey during tuition sessions.

Always avoid boasting about your capabilities and strengths, as it’s nearly redundant to do a good presentation over the phone yet not succeed to meet what was initially agreed upon or promised or agreed. Consequently, this will not only reflects you as an unprofessional tutor but indirectly tarnish the reputation of your tuition agency as well.

A point to remember, because of parents hectic schedules, private tutors need to try and get straight to the point regarding what they have to share and have prepared to propose. Be sure to politely ask when you encounter things that you don’t understand nonetheless stick to a persuasive tone. Especially as you share with them about your experiences particularly on ways you will be handling and helping their children.

Fix Your First Lesson Date And Time

The phone interview may range from approximately 15-30 minutes. Therefore, be patient when talking with the parents. This allows the chosen tuition coordinator to follow-up for on your behalf thus you don’t need to contact the parent. This is because you may cause some disturbances without knowing to the parents. The appointed coordinator or agent will inform you about the outcome of the interview once a confirmation has been done.

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In general, phone interviews are just your best attitude and a sincere persuasive tone that you can present to the parents. With this, you are able to show passion for teaching and your interest to assist their children. Get additional information regarding the tutee from your appointed tuition coordinator as it’s important that you know the tasks and duties assigned to you. Also, clarify on the Subject that the tutee needs help with.

Also, confirm the duration quoted and the number of days requested as this helps you further discuss with the parents on the preferred timings. Before the conversation ends, remember to let the parent know that you will be waiting for their decision to work with you through your appointed coordinator and agent. This will let the parent know of your sincerity and enthusiasm in teaching the tutee.


Parents shortlist tutors and ensure they call them for brief phone interviews. They do so to get details on how you will guide their children. Let them state their children’s weaknesses and needs before proposing a method. Thereafter set a date and time for your first lesson before the interview ends.

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