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Why is Good Grammar So Important?

Grammar is the foundation of good English. It is the basic unit of all our sentences and such.

It could be a headache for some — but many might just neglect it.

Our journey of learning English began once our parents exposed us to it as a child. We learned simple conversational exchanges, then continue to build on our knowledge by learning grammar in school.

But some students may unfortunately not have been taught grammar properly, or they may not have put in the effort to pay attention and learn because they didn’t realise the importance of it when they were younger.

If they grow up with a poor foundation of grammar, they might find themselves struggling with it for a lifetime. Some may become worried, while others may brush it off.

But I’m going to show you three simple but important reasons having good grammar makes a big difference in your life, even if you may think it doesn’t directly affect you.

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It’s a significant component in many of your exams

Grammar is not just a graded component in English papers. It carries across the different components, and even across different subjects.

You will need good grammar to get your point across in your answers.

In Math, you need to write clear and logical answer statements. In your Humanities papers, you need to sound convincing, coherent and knowledgeable. You also need to explain your understanding of concepts in your Science papers.

Not forgetting our English and Literature subjects!

All of these need good grammar; you need it just about everywhere.

If you are not able to express yourself clearly, you can really be losing out and suffer from mark deductions when you do have the potential to score.

It affects how you communicate

The reason why grammar is so important is that it conveys many different details about the context of your message. 

For example, the past, present and future tenses tell others whether the incident is over, happening right now, or going to happen in the future.

These can make a huge difference when you’re trying to explain something to the other party. 

When you use the wrong grammar, it can be confusing for the recipient, or they might even get the completely opposite message from what you had intended to communicate.

It often forms your first impression

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic where job interviews and meetings are now commonly virtual, your words and how you portray yourself online can matter even more than your appearance or body language. 

Others get to know you from the way you type through text messages or your resumes, or the way you speak on virtual interviews and meetings, before they even get to your appearance or body language.

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Unfortunately, people would also often subconsciously measure your intelligence with your grasp of the language.

Someone who is well-spoken and is clear in their communication would come across as one that is knowledgeable and confident.

As the saying goes: “Words are free. It’s how you use them that may cost you.” 

It’s required in many professions

In Singapore, English is our main shared language and we have to use it to communicate with others in our everyday life.

As we all know, communication is extra important in the workplace. In order for things to run smoothly, you need to discuss, explain, state your opinion, give regular updates, etc.

If you don’t have a good command of the English language, it might be difficult for you to be accepted or assimilate well into your career.

Even if it may not directly have a direct impact on your job role, English is still relevant in any job locally so that you can get things done.


The sole purpose of utilising language is to communicate with others.

I hope that this article has inspired you to see the importance of grammar even in our everyday life.

If you are still a student, it is important to build a strong foundation so that you wouldn’t have to struggle with a steep learning curve in the future. 

If you’re a working adult and you do struggle with grammar, it is never too late! You can always brush up by attending English classes or courses.

What is an interesting experience that you’ve had with grammar? Tell us in the comments section!

Rum Tan

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