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Thinking of Joining a Medical Course? Here’s What You Should Know


Many of us students might consider going into medicine when choosing a course in polytechnic or university. After all, there are so many benefits to joining a Medical Course. For example, there is job security and you contribute to society too!

But there are still aspects of the medical world that we need to keep in mind before sending in our application.

Know What You’re Getting Into


Before setting your mind to joining a medical course, you should know what you’re getting into.

In medical school, you are expected to fulfil your daily commitments like schoolwork and test revisions while still participating in various extracurricular activities to hone your skills. Volunteer work, part-time, and research work are some of such extracurricular activities.

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So if you feel that you can manage it and cope with it, a medical course is a great course for you!

Start Volunteering


This brings me to my next point, start volunteering. It is a great way to gain more experience in the medical field, especially if you volunteer at hospitals like St Luke’s Hospital or St. Andrew’s Mission Hospital where you help patients and learn to work in a hospital.

Additionally, it is an opportunity for you to discover different areas of the medical field. For example, you can try working at organisations catered to special needs or volunteering at vet centres.

This lets you gain more insight into the different specialisations, which will help you when it is time to choose.

You Don’t Need to go Into Specialisations Too Early

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It is normal to feel overwhelmed by the different specialisations you can take when going into medicine. There are many choices out there like Sports Medicine or Dentistry.

But you don’t have to worry about picking which one you should specialise in too early. Besides, if you have no experience studying medicine so far, you might not know what you like and don’t like doing.

Instead, choose general medicine courses like General practice or General Internal Medicine. You may also consider upskilling in medical technology to stay updated on the advancements in the medical field, even when you are still considering your specialization in the future.

This keeps your options open, and you can make your decision at a later date.

It Can Be Costly


Another point to consider before joining a medical course is if you can afford it. A medical course can be quite costly. After all, there is a higher demand and a limited number of seats. The equipment used is also very expensive and sometimes hard to get.

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It is also more expensive to hire professors since many are credentialed doctors (ultimately, we want to learn from professionals). This contributes to the cost of your degree so be prepared to pay more.

Be Prepared to Work Hard


Pursuing a career in medicine is no small task. It requires a lot of time, commitment, studying, challenging work, and is also highly competitive.

And just like with any other course, you need to keep your GPA high and be a high flyer. You need to accumulate experience and build up your portfolio and resume too. It is a lot of work that can be incredibly stressful because of its long hours too.

So be prepared to work hard and spend more time. Only then can you come out successful and on the way to a fruitful career!



There are many things to consider before you join a medical course. This is why it is essential to not be hasty.

I hope that this article helps you to consider your options before you send in your applications. If you have already joined a course in the medical field, good luck and all the best!

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