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The Best Hindi Movies for Kids to Practice their Mother-tongue

Children will continue to watch movies whether we like the idea or not. So, why not make use of this to help them learn something as well? Fortunately, Netflix has a wide choice of Hindi movies which are suitable for youngsters and are enjoyable to watch. When you would like your kid to learn Hindi – movies are an awesome activity that can be done regularly.

If your children are beginners, movies can help them pick up Hindi words and sounds. Then again, when your children already speak Hindi, movies are a grand way to enhance the language skills.

So how can parents go about nurturing the interest to learn Hindi? Here are some tips on how. Let’s dive right in!

Subtitles or Without Subtitles?

Watching Hindi movies with English subtitles is a good way to help children pick up words and sentence structure of the language. Kids should be able to enjoy themselves as they watch the movies. The strain trying to interpret the movie with no subtitles – will make the movie seem like work.

It is therefore important for that kids to see watching Hindi movies a treat. When they get this feeling, they will make an effort to learn Hindi language. The good thing is they will without realizing it pick up some words that they acknowledge and they’ll want to continue watching more.

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Now, below is a list of six Hindi movies that your children can watch!

Chhota Bheem & the Curse of Damyaan

This is India’s most well-known animation films. Chota Bheem is about young Bheem and one of his numerous adventures. In the movie, a demon makes attempts to enticement Chota Bheem & his friends using tales about hidden treasures.


It is arguably 2016 biggest hit, the movie is all girl power to the end! This story is about a wrestler and a father (Aamir Khan) who has a dream of winning the Gold medal. But unable to reach this dream, he starts training his daughters so they contend in Commonwealth Games with the hope of them to bring home the gold.


This is a story of a strong bond between a sibling and a superstar. Pari makes a promise to her brother that she’ll get his sight back before he turns 9. And she is convinced that the one person to make this happen is a superstar Shah Rukh Khan.

The duo then set on a journey in search of the superstar. During their journey come across different characters. This is a grand story on sibling care, love, and determination.

Stanley Ka Dabba

This story is about Stanley a standard 4 student, who goes to n English-medium school in Mumbai and never takes his lunch to school.

He meets his Hindi teacher who makes other students and colleagues to share the food they have with him. But when he asks why he fails to bring lunch and threatens the young boy with serious consequences.

Stanley instead does something amazing. This movie will leave you reaching for Kleenex and will teach your kid on the importance of hope and perseverance.

Hawaa Hawaai

The movie is about Arjun, a boy whose father takes his own life and he then moves to Mumbai with the mother. He is employed as a server in one local tea stall but he often dreams of being a skater. So one day, together with some friends Arjun makes a pair of skates out of scarps.

The audience clearly sees that Arjun has genuine talent and he gets noticed by a skating instructor. What follows next, turns his life around e forever.

Bumm Bumm Bole

This story goes around a destitute family with a young brother-sister team, who are not able to afford to buy the uniform. Hence when the young sister’ shoes are lost, the siblings resolve to share a pair.

Soon, a marathon is in the village is announced and the prize on offer is a new sports shoes. What happens after ill truly have you baffled. The story teaches the importance of valuing what you have and working hard to achieve what your goal.

How can watching movies help your child?

Movies allow you to master any language of choice without any help. You get to learn the desired language even when you don’t live in the country where the people speak the desired language.

If you are a shy person and are afraid of connecting with a far way target language. This is because of being afraid to make mistakes. then movie-based learning can be the best options available to you.

You don’t need to empty your pockets in order to attend classes. currently, everything can be found on the net, and this does not cost much to use. If I can watch a Korean or Hindi film for free in the USA. then implies that you don’t need to invest anything other than your time to learn a language.

Movie-based learning will make you an excellent listener. You get an ear for diction, pronunciations, dialects, etc. You will also learn slang and cool phrases by watching movies. Something that wouldn’t be possible if you joint a formal tutor to learn the Tamil language.

Through movies, you can choose the pace for your learning. You may rewind, pause, fast forward and or slow down the movie when you need to. This will have you grasp the Tamil language at your pace and convenience.

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Wrapping up

This unconventional approach to learning a language through movies can make it rather interesting and also entertaining. And like any language learning technique, it needs patience, focus, and a lot of practice to watch movies and even learn from it.

As you figure out whether this method works for your child or not. It is best to simply start. You can start by watching those that are easy to understand first.

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