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Natural Stress Relievers: How Plants Enhance Studying and Working Environments

(Unsplash – Brina Blum)

You may have noticed that plants are everywhere around us. From the roadsides, to study spots, to even toilets! This really portrays how connected people are to nature.

Whether you are currently studying or working, we all have those moments where we get stuck and are unable to make much progress.

And in times like these, we tend to take short breaks and do activities such as using our phones or snacking.

However, most of us do not recognise how beneficial having plants can be in helping us get through our work. Let’s explore them in this article together!

Reduces Stress

(Pexels – Lisa Fotios)

Throughout my whole life, there have been several trusted adults giving me advice, especially for studying. One piece of advice in particular always stuck with me, which is to look at greenery whenever I’m feeling stressed.

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This works wonders almost all of the time for me.

This could be due to the naturally vibrant colours of plants and flowers, which really help me relax.

Several studies such as this have shown that handling plants or even just looking at them lowers our stress levels and decreases the risk of diseases that come with stress, such as high blood pressure.

Clears Minds

(Pexels – Alex Green)

When plants make food, they undergo a process known as photosynthesis.

This is when, instead of taking in oxygen and giving out carbon dioxide like all living things, they take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen instead.

This process also benefits us, as the plants help us filter out harmful pollutants in the air and also provide us with more fresh oxygen to take in.

By introducing plants into our studying and working environments, the overall air quality of our surroundings will be improved. This will lead to us having better respiratory health as well as being able to clear our minds and focus on our work.

Improves Mood

(Pexels – Huy Phan)

Plants have been shown to alleviate several mental illnesses, such as anxiety and depression. Humans’ connections to nature are so strong that we can instantly feel better being in their presence for only a few minutes.

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It is not just the beautiful visuals of plants that stimulate us; the smell that they give off also contributes to improving our mood.

Plants, especially flowers, can help us think more positively and improve our overall outlook on life.

Research has shown that people who spend more time with nature end up feeling happier and more relaxed as compared to those who don’t.

Improves Creativity

(Pexels – Dan Cristian Pădureț)

Nature has always served as a source of inspiration for many creative artists, such as poets and composers.

Additionally, many people associate plants with their emotions as they slow down and reflect on themselves while looking at them.

This is also why taking short walks surrounded by nature is so effective at inspiring people with better ideas.

The natural beauty of plants not only boosts our mood but can also allow us to get inspired and come up with new ideas. The varying shapes and sizes they grow into, as well as their different colours, can all add beauty and life to our surroundings.


(Pexels – Designecologist)

To conclude, integrating plants into our study and working environments offers numerous benefits.

These are key elements that have to be included in these environments in order to create more productive ones.

Now that you know how powerful they are, feel free to shop for them and add a touch of nature to your environment! Or, you could also choose to just study or work in spaces with lots of nature.

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