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How to Create Your Own GMAT Exam Prep Plan

Through reading the numerous GMAT exam preparation articles, blogs, and websites, it seems everyone has a certain way of acing the exam.

By looking through the first few articles and you will be feeling rather confident in being able to get a strong score. However, as you get to the twentieth article that offers a different approach, you will be overwhelmed.

How then can you prepare for your GMAT exam without with ease? And which is the winning approach for your GMAT exam? Keep reading to find out the best way to go about this.

Let’s get started.

Understand The Fundamentals Of The GMAT Exam

First find out all you can about the GMAT exam, before you choose a preparation approach. Recognise the intention of the topics and test that are examined.

Learn more about the test structure, like the adaptive testing through the use of computers and exam guidelines. Then understand how others prepared themselves.

How can this help you in your preparations? It is not because you want to copy them, but to see available resources and frequent test pitfalls. This way you can use what will guarantee your success in your preparation and on the final exam.

Think Of The Ideal Learning Environment

While you consider studying for 2- 6 months for your GMAT exam, find out what you require for you to be successful. Look at the characteristics of the perfect study environment for you as you analyse different test preparation options.

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Do you like a more demanding environment setting or is a supportive and encouraging one right for you?

Other elements to consider include, flexible, structured, directed, collaborative, competitive, self-paced, communal, and also individual. All these elements should help contribute towards your improving your test score by identifying your style of studying.

Explore Different Test Prep Options

GMAT exam preparation is accompanied by 3 primary methods – taking a course, studying by yourself or working with a private tutor. Many candidates employ more than one method. For instance, a candidate will work with a tutor and still do self-study between sessions.

So, how do you find the method the works best for you? As you get more familiar with each prep method, align this with the suitable learning environment you already identified. Do try each of them to get the one that is offering you more positive results.

Come Up With GMAT Exam Targets

Having personal goals can motivate you and help you stay focused during your preparation process.

If your aim is to achieve a specific GMAT exam score, you could take practice tests to gauge if the goal is realistic and what you’ll need to attain it. For instance, you can set activity-based goals, like completing a specific number of practice tests each week.

How will having a test goal help you in achieving your goal? Keep in mind these goals will keep you on track and excited. So, consider making the best of your goals to achieve the best score.

Examine Your Resources

It will take you money and time to prep for your GMAT exam – and these are oftentimes among the most limited resources. Take into account time available to prep for the GMAT exams, not just the number of months you’ll have to stud. Take into consideration of the changeability on your study schedule.

Why is this important? When you travel a lot in-person, courses offered three nights a week won’t work for you. Do find out the amount you can spend during your exam prep. You can change the amount depending on your time and financial constraints.

Closely Assess Your Final Options

At this point, you will have identified 2-3 GMAT prep options. Analyse each one carefully. When you are thinking of a course or tutoring, evaluate each instructor for empathy, energy and experience – energy to motivate you after you have worked an entire day, important teaching experience, and empathy to assist you if you’re having a hard time with a concept.

Even when you have chosen the self-study method, you’ll need materials which you have to analyse closely as you do for a course.

How can you do this? Read reviews, especially from previous candidates whose profile is similar to yours.

Create a Study Plan

Despite the study method you choose to use for your GMAT exam, you need to come up with a study plan which incorporates your tutoring or course syllabus.

What things do you need to include in the plan? It should also include details like when you are to study, and whole practice tests and complete sample questions. Your study plan needs to integrate accountability measures to help you stay on track, like setting regular assessment intervals for your preparation progress and also leveraging in a study partner.

With this, you can then adjust your plan for maximum benefit.

Resolve To Ace Your GMAT Exam

How can you decide to ace your exams? Through looking at your interests and strengths, as well as taking practice tests, you can come up with your feel for what a good test score means for you.

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After you have set target scores, put them up in a place that you can see them each day, such as on your wall. Also, to help you stay focused, you can share your goals with study buddies, friends, and family members. Again consider setting your goals based on your preferred college expectation.

In addition, to practice questions, the College Board provides a helpful breakdown for each Subject Test.

Take Away

At present, you will find lots of material online which offer different GMAT prep ideas that can get overwhelming for you as you prepare for your exams. Even then, the above guidelines will help you find the best way to prep for your GMAT exams with ease.

To start with, be sure to come up with a goal for your scores, explore different study methods and leave room to make adjustments to your study plan. This will allow you to get the most gain as you ready yourself for your exams.

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