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Best 10 Free GMAT Practice Tests To Download

One key part in preparing for the GMAT is taking timed practice exams. Fortunately, there are many free online materials that offer students the full experience of test-taking.

Here is a guide featuring the 10 of best GMAT practice test resources. Plus, we’ve included some tips on ways to use the practice tests for maximum benefits possible.

Before going to the free practice tests, let’s look at what you need to look for in any practice test.

What Makes a Good GMAT Practice Test?

The best practice exams look similar to the actual GMAT in that they are adaptive and computer-based. They have the same instructions, structure, and types of question as the actual test. Also, they have the same timing, with two 75-minute segments and two 30-minute segments.

The GMAT practice tests are prepared by the GMAC – Graduate Management Admission Council. Official GMAT practice tests are the most practical version of the actual test, and they are the only tests that use GMAC’s top secret formula for adaptive testing and scoring.

Let’s dive right in!

#1 – Kaplan’s GMAT Test Practice

These tests resemble the actual GMAT, but it has elaborated video answer explanations. The GMAT test can be taken anytime online or you can opt for the live, instructor-proctored tests.

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For the proctored option, you’ll have live explanations by Kaplan faculty, a live chat window for you to ask questions and mini-lesson from the course instructor. You’ll need to have an account to do this.

#2 – Veritas

The exam is practical and gives high-quality preparation questions. There is an option for the full exam or choose some sections. This test allows you to pause the exam anytime. However, It’s best that you follow the actual GMAT timing complete the test to develop your endurance for exam day.

Visit to create your access account. Alternatively, you can purchase 6 additional computer-adaptive practice tests at $49.

#3 – Manhattan Prep

Create a free access account for Manhattan Prep test. These questions are of high quality, however, it doesn’t resemble the actual GMAT.

Though it is best that you use the same GMAT timing, you have the choice to manually adjust time settings. This allows to extend timing or do the test completely without any timing. You can also choose to set the time limit for yourself on each test question.

#4 – Princeton Review

You will need to create an access account to allow you to take one free GMAT test. You have a choice of either taking the test online , self-proctoring the exam, or you could sign up for practice test events. These questions are practical and resemble the GMAT format.

You will need the right version of Java to access the practice test. Also, ensure you turn-of any ad-blocking software. Princeton Review provides events for in-person practice test at local colleges.

#5 – 800 Score Test

You’ll need a password and username to start testing. There are 5 practice tests, but only one is free. The rest go for $24.95. The test does not resemble the real GMAT exam. However, the questions are comparatively realistic and the verbal and math segments have an adaptive format.

This free test offers your answers, answers explanations at the end of the 800 Score. You can also see the time you took on each question.

#6 – Prep Adviser Test

This test contains verbal, Integrated Reasoning, and Quantitative sections but doesn’t have the AWA segment. It recently added the IR segment, so you’ll have to take this separately and then steer to the verbal and Quantitative sections, instead if all sections being together.

Though it features proper free GMAT questions, in general, they are easier than the real GMAT. While taking the test, you’ll have a question tracker and a timer.

#7 – McGraw-Hill

McGraw Hill Education offers 6 free GMAT exams, each with 3 of the four GMAT segments. These tests don’t have the AWA section, though they have all the question types found on GMAT.

The Integrated Reasoning and Verbal questions are particularly strong, and the Quantitative questions look easier than those found on the actual test. The score reports show how many questions you answered correctly in each section, and then you can review the answer explanations.

#8 – GMAT Club Test Practice

GMAT Club has 2 GMAT segments, computer-adaptive Quantitative and Verbal sections. Each is 75-minutes long and has realistic visuals and questions. You’ll need to sign up and activate your account in order to access the test and other independent critical reasoning, math, reading comprehension, and sentence correction questions.

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Also, you’ll get to select some nice perks, such as access to 2 free practice exams from Veritas Prep or a month of free trial to Magoosh GMAT lesson.

#9 – Manhattan Review Practice Test

You’ll need to sign up and receive your password in your email. This will give you access to the free diagnostic GMAT test. The test features AWA, Verbal, Integrated Reasoning, and Quantitative sections. Though it is timed, the AWA segment is outdated, with only 2 prompts rather than one.

Some of the questions look easier and aren’t particularly high-quality than those on the real test. Though the test is OK you will need more practice tests to help you prep for your final exam.

#10 – Test Prep Practice

This offers practice segments using question type for the Verbal and Quantitative sections. It contains GMAT questions for data sufficiency, reading comprehension, critical reasoning, problem-solving and sentence correction questions.

These don’t resemble GMAT format and none of its sections seem to be adaptive. These are best for drilling skills and having more practice in answering GMAT questions but they won’t give you a practical experience of GMAT. It will make for a good supplement to GMAT online prep coaching.

In Closing

To know your study progress, consider taking unofficial practice tests after a few weeks. These tests will offer you helpful feedback, but remember that they don’t use the same scoring formula as the official GMAT. The scores will serve to give you an understanding of your present scoring range, however, they are not 100 percent accurate.

Taking practice tests is an excellent way to get the GMAT experience prior to taking your official test. Through timing yourself when analysing your results, it will be easy to work towards mastering this challenging GMAT exam.

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