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Best GRE Prep Books of 2019

Taking the GRE exam is very stressful for many students, especially as they try to prepare for the test. There are a lot of GRE practice books available in the market, but not all of them will match your needs.

When picking a GRE practice book for you to work with, it is best to consider what course you plan to get, the skills you need for every part of the test, and your current aptitude. Besides getting a good prep book, it is worth considering to engage a tutor to coach you on GRE too.

To help you with your search, here are some of the best GRE prep books in the market and why you should consider them:

Kaplan’s GRE Prep Plus 2019

If you need a book that will help your child prepare for GRE from start to finish, this is the book to get.

GRE Prep Plus comes with a comprehensive explanation of each section of the test, three practice tests, an online quiz site, and a special chapter for the quantitative portion of the test.

Considering the number of practice questions in the book, students will have 2,200 practice questions to work on to prepare for GRE.

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When the student takes one of the practice tests, Kaplan will provide a detailed review of the student’s performance. It will highlight which parts the students need to work on, and where they are good with. This will then help the student adjust their study plans accordingly.

The book also comes with online resources selected and discussed by Kaplan’s team of experts to help students with their GRE preparation.

ETS’ Official GRE Super Power Pack 2/E

Want to see where you stand at the GRE test before you take it? ETS’ Official GRE Super Power Pack 2/E is a good primer for students to use to prepare for the test. It was written by the exam authors themselves, which can give students a preview on what to expect during the test.

The Power Pack comes with four full GRE practice exams. Two of the tests are in the book while the other two are available on the website.

It also comes with a guide on how students can answer each GRE question properly, an explanation of the answers for the practice test questions, and samples for the essay portion of the test.

The website also comes with a list of resources for students to use for their review.

GRE Prep By Magoosh

When it comes to tips on how one can answer their GRE test easily, GRE Prep by Magoosh is the book to purchase.

The book comes with 150 practice questions and comes with a list of tricks which can help students work on the test efficiently. It also highlights the common mistakes students tend to make during the test and how it can be avoided.

For those who do not have extra time to prepare for each part of the test, the book comes with tips on how to overcome this problem.

The book also comes with a comprehensive guide to the analytical part of the test, including sample essays.

Barron’s Essential Words for the GRE

For those who want to work on their vocabulary for the GRE, this book is for them.

The book lists down 800 of the most commonly used words in the GRE test. Before you begin with the book, it has a pre-test which can check where you are currently for this specific portion of the exam and how much you need to work on.

The book comes with the definition of each word, example sentences and passages. There is also a section that tests students on their writing skills, which can be very challenging for students.

Once the student is finished with the entire book, there is a post-test, in the end, to see how well you reviewed and where you need to improve on.

Princeton Review’s Cracking the GRE Premium Edition

Another good book to use when it comes to preparing for the verbal part of the test is Princeton Review’s Cracking the GRE book.

This book offers a clear explanation of how each GRE question works and comes with four GRE trial tests and online resources.

The tests included in the book will help students with reading comprehension and some questions for the math test. It also comes with a list of GRE vocabulary words and how they can be used in the test.

The book’s score reports would help students see how well they faired during the test and help them adjust their studies accordingly.

McGraw-Hill Education’s Conquering GRE Math

If you need some help with the math part of GRE, Conquering GRE Math by McGraw-Hill Education is the book to get.

This book is great when it comes to preparing for the quantitative part of the exams.

It has three trial tests for the math section of the test, and a comprehensive reviewer for every math included in the test.

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It also comes with practice questions to explain to students how they can answer each question in the test.

Manhattan Prep’s 5 Lb. Book of GRE Practice Problems

Want to train yourself in answering your GRE exams fast and efficiently? This book by Manhattan Prep is something you should consider.

This book comes with 1,800 test questions that would help you adjust your GRE study reviewer accordingly. It has questions for every subject included in the test and in various levels.

It also tests the students’ skills and helps identify which areas need some extra work. Every question is followed by the right answer and its explanation.

The book also gives students access to an online library of resources that can help students prepare for GRE.

Manhattan Prep’s Reading Comprehension/Essays

For students who have problems with the reading comprehension and writing part of the test, this is the book.

It comes with a comprehensive guide for these two portions in the GRE test and what students should remember. It offers an explanation regarding each type of reading passage used in GRE and how students can understand them better.

It will then guide students on how they can answer the questions for these passages and offer tips on how to identify each question type. It also comes with a strategy guide on how students can handle the GRE essay portion.

Students will also get access to Manhattan Online’s library of GRE practice tests for one year.


The GRE is a very difficult test to prepare for, especially for students who wish to take the next step to their dream career. With these books, they will be able to prepare for every part of the test and not have to worry about scoring low. Good luck!

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