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10 Ways To Improve Your GMAT Score to 700

Besides your GPA, experience, admission essay and recommendations, your GMAT score plays a significant role in order for you to get an admission into that top 20 business school that you are eyeing. You will find most business schools advertising that the average GMAT score for admission is less than 700 but of late, most top schools have increased this score hence you will need to score more than 700 if you want to get a seat in the best business school.

Getting more than 700 on your GMAT score translates to 92%. To reach this score, it will require at least 50 hours of hard work. However, with an excellent tutor, you can do that more easily. If you are a native English speaker, you can get a good score in the qualitative and verbal sections besides the aptitude math test.

The 700 score questions are not just about the basics, but they include logic and patterns. All you need to do is to know how to spot hidden grammar flaws and equations. The only difference between high scorers from a lower one is that the higher scorer is capable of identifying similarity in the questions that he has already answered. This ability helps him to save time and avoid making common mistakes.

The following are the ten ways through which you can improve your GMAT score to 700 to get accepted into the top business school of your choice.

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1. Knowing All The Rules, Tactics & Strategies Are Keys

When it comes to scoring highly in GMAT, be sure to learn the rules. Be clear on the consequences of violating those rules.

It is an established truth that if you take the effort to learn about the test, you stand a better chance of getting more than 700 marks. It is imperative to learn to be familiar with the general structure of GMAT which will help you to be more comfortable during the actual GMAT exam as well as help you to plan your strategy on how to tackle each section and how much time to allocate each question. There are plenty of various tactics out there used by top scorers to manoeuvre the GMAT.

2. Don’t Procrastinate

You will likely encounter a few questions that make you unsure of yourself. Don’t doubt yourself during the test and neither should you procrastinate on the question that you are not confident of. You are losing precious time this way.

3. Understand The GMAT Test For Better Scores

An important aspect of scoring more than 700 on your GMAT exam is being able to tackle all the questions within a given time frame to avoid becoming anxious. Doing this will help you have enough time to attempt the more critical issues which require more time.

4. GMAT Is A Marathon That Tests Your Stamina

Scoring highly on your GMAT is a matter of learning how to avoid careless mistakes during your preparation as opposed to learning how to answer all the questions right. It is not so much whether you can get the question right but whether you can give the correct answer within the time frame provided by the GMAT. Focus during the test is of an essential here.

5. Practice! Practice! Practice!

Ensure that you always take the practice questions and exams. There are many practice tests you do online. When your GMAT test draws near, that is the best time to take as many tests as you can. After all, practice makes perfect, so please practice.

When you take your practice tests, try to put yourself in the real testing conditions. Take every problem seriously and work on them more often using actual testing conditions i.e. a quiet place, timer, using CAT (Computer Adaptive Test). This will help you to be familiar with the GMAT exam structure.

In addition to that, you can time yourself on each question so you can try to reduce the time you need to answer in a similar manner.

6. Seek Professional Advice

You can schedule a consultation session with a tutor who will evaluate your skills. Once he has evaluated you, he will be able to know your weak areas, and he will know how to help you.

At the very least, seek help from a private tutor who besides evaluating your general skills, he will go a long way in helping you prepare for this exam.

A professional instructor will give you tips and specific advice and comprehensive information that will help you do well on your GMAT exam. He can help you to tackle difficult questions, strengthen your critical thinking skills and reduce the time you needed on each section.

7. Classes Are Worth The Effort

Several surveys have been conducted on those students who scored highly in their GMAT exams, and the results indicated that all those students who performed well had enrolled for GMAT classes or private tuition. Many of them found that it helps to have someone to mentor them and help them to structure their learning progress.

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8. Pre-Prep Advice

The best pre-prep advice I can give you is the five P’s: proper preparation prevents poor performance. When you are toughly prepared for your GMAT exam, you will not be nervous or anxious. Also, ensure that you get all the necessary things you need for your exam.

9. Don’t Dwell On One Question

During the actual test day, remember time is very crucial for you to attempt all the questions. If you find problems that you are 80% sure about its answer and there is another issue you are 100% sure about, leave the one you don’t know about, you will come back to it later.

10. Keep Your Eye On The Goal

Do not make a mistake of sitting for your GMAT test without a goal. The goal is the driving force. Research on the business schools that you would like to attend and know their GMAT score requirements. Once you know your GMAT requirement, start planning and preparing on how you will attain that mark.

For example, if your desired school has a GMAT score requirement of 730, you will need to master your weak areas, aim high and study hard. With a positive mind set and hard work, you can reach your goal.

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