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How Can Your Child Benefit from Studying Abroad?


Studying abroad can be full of uncertainties for both the parent and the child. As a parent, it is normal if you feel anxious when your child says they want to study abroad since it is going to be a whole new experience for everyone.

Amidst the anxiety, it is good to remember that there are plenty of benefits for your child when they study abroad.

So let us discuss why you should let your child study abroad.

Fosters Independence


Throughout their childhood, you probably catered to all your child’s needs. They are entirely dependent on you until they become an adult.

But during their stay abroad, your child gains the opportunity to develop essential life skills and independence. This helps them better prepare themselves for the future and grow as individuals.

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Gain New Skills and Knowledge

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There are many opportunities for growth abroad, and your child develops new skills – both soft and hard skills. These skills also improve your child’s resume and increase their employment opportunities!

Here are some employment skills your child would gain:

1. Resourcefulness
2. Adaptability
3. Problem-solving skills
4. Language skills
5. Networking and Communication skills

Build Global Friendships and Connections


We all want our children to have successful careers. To do that, they need to have opportunities to show their skill and knowledge. Studying overseas can give your child that leverage.

While overseas, your child is introduced to professionals and peers with the same interests. This helps them build and expand their global connections, also adding to their employment opportunity!

Cultural Exchange


When your child studies abroad, they are exposed to different people. This familiarises them with other cultures and different ideologies, allowing them to broaden their worldviews and learn to communicate effectively in an international environment.

By letting your child be exposed to other cultures, it lets them gain a better appreciation of their own culture too!



We are bound to feel anxious when our children leave the nest for the first time and to a faraway country, no less! But we should allow them the opportunity to spread their wings and not hold them back.

Just keep in touch with them and keep each other posted (which shouldn’t be hard with social media and technology)!

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