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Your Best Options for Maths Tuition in Tampines

Singapore Math has always been on the top 10 worldwide because of how fast students learn it. Even though it is a complicated subject, Singapore’s unique curriculum makes it possible for anyone to learn the subject.

Considering how difficult the subject is for some children, facilities offering maths tuition are now available across Singapore.

If you are living in the Tampines area, there are a lot of facilities offering maths tuition. The town was designed to be self-sufficient for its 237,800 residents. This design guarantees that all key services and establishments are easy-to-access and visit thanks to its MRT and bus lines.

Since many families are living in the area, several educational facilities are in Tampines, it can be difficult to pick which facility to enrol your child for maths tuition.

To make your search easy, here are our top picks for the best institutions offering Maths tuition in Tampines.


The first in our list is MAXIMIND EduHub, which is located at Tampines Mart.

The facility offers a learning environment that allows students to learn at a pace that won’t rush them but motivate them to do their best to succeed.

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Their tutors are all experts in their chosen fields and they will work with your child to reach their potential. What we like is that this is not a franchise and they adapt their teaching methods to suit the pace of the class.

Gavin’s Tuition

If you want your child to feel at home and learn easily, Gavin’s Tuition is here to help. They offer group tuition for students, which they believe will promote healthy competition. The teachers try to make their lessons interesting and fun so that the students will enjoy every lesson.

Students are regularly tested to see how they are keeping up with the classes. If they need help, tutors will be available to assist at any time. Students can even request a flexible schedule and not have to worry about paying for any lesson they missed.


One of the best tuition agencies in Singapore, students from SmileTutor benefits from personalised attention from expert and experienced tutors. We matched your child’s education needs and learning style with the best tutor in less than a day. Every year, we successfully paired 30,000 students with the right tutor.

SmileTutor has a full database of Math tutors that are committed and dedicated to achieving your child’s study goals and progress in their Math exam results. Every tutor goes above and beyond to make learning fun, creative and rewarding.

Math’s Hub

Want to give your child an in-depth understanding of Math and learn why it is important?

Math’s Hub uses a curriculum that goes beyond what schools are teaching them. This allows their talented tutors to help students gain an interest in Math and develop the right skills to master it. This school provides Olympiad Maths lessons which students are taught to compete in Olympiad competitions.

They also follow the school syllabus of their students for their classes and modify them slightly to match the student’s learning style.

iSucceed Education Centre

iSucceed Education Centre is a great tuition establishment if you want to help your child learn Math and Science.

The centre is led by a former department head and has a staff of former SAP teachers and experienced tutors. They will help your child understand the importance of hard work and get through difficult situations in school.

Each concept will be explained to students in every session and build their confidence with the subject. When you sign up, they will even give you a free report which your child can read up.

The Learning Lab

Sometimes, it can be difficult to get your child’s attention when it comes to difficult subjects like Math. But, when you get them in The Learning Lab’s classroom, you will definitely a difference in their outlook. The facility constantly changes their lesson plans to keep things interesting for students and empower them.

Teachers are also taught how to make this approach possible and catch their student’s curiosity. Aside from understanding subjects, the centre also helps students develop key study habits and adapt to the real world easily.

Oodles Learning

Want to help your child overcome their Math-phobia?

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In Oodles Learning, they will check your child’s math competency and see how the lessons can be adjusted. These lessons are going to be designed in such a way it will help them be confident with the subject and enjoy learning it.

The modules they also use mirrors those used in schools so students can easily pick up cues from their lessons. Their worksheets and materials are often sought after by parents.

Lynn Tuition Centre

Math can be difficult to take in for children if the lessons are too strict or rigid.

For Lynn Tuition Centre, students will be given a clear idea on what to expect and help them reach their full potential. They will be taught how to use mnemonics and other techniques to learn difficult concepts easily.

Trained teachers will also help students discover their potential and become confident with the subject. Small classes are observed in Lynn Tuition Center to ensure that students are given the same amount of attention in each lesson. They are very popular due to the small teacher-student ratio.

Simply Education

Things can be made simple if you know the subject very well. In Simply Education, your children will be taught complicated subjects such as math using simple strategies that they can understand.

Lessons are based on the current syllabus used in Singapore – are designed to be engaging and inspire students to participate in the classroom.

Tutors are also ready to match any student’s learning style when you sign them up in the centre. To see where their students are, homework is regularly provided.


If your child is having problems with math, do check out educational facilities offering maths tuition. These facilities are different when it comes to how they teach students difficult subjects like math, but it may be the teaching method and environment your child needs.

However, if your child has difficulty in concentration or you prefer classes to be of flexible timing, you definitely want to consider having one-to-one tuition for a more personalised experience instead. SmileTutor offers the most flexibility in scheduling your classes to suit your family’s busy lifestyle and with a wide range of experienced tutors who are able to tailor any lesson plans according to your child’s learning style and speed.

We wish you luck and we hope that this guide has helped you out.

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