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Best Apps to Help You Score in Your SATs

Do you know that you can use apps in preparing for your SAT? That’s right! You will find several apps all aimed at helping you be more familiar with the SAT. This is meant to get you closer to achieving your goal score. Is this good for students? For sure, since they can now get SAT practice scores within seconds, straight from their smartphones, and for free.

How can you use apps in preparing for the SAT? Below is a look at how you can do this and also will name 5 of the best SAT preparation apps available today. Let’s dive in.

SAT Apps: An Overview

Because mobile apps are getting more popular, SAT prep companies, the College Board, individuals and educational app companies have made their apps to assist students prep for the SAT.

Is this good for students? Those who made these apps are making efforts to take advantage of the popularity of apps and intend to make SAT preparation material more available for students.

Why have an SAT app on your phone? When you download an SAT preparation app on your tablet or phone, you can easily study for your SAT anytime, whether at school, home or on a boring function.

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Additionally, using an app to study is more interactive and enjoyable for some students rather than using the traditional SAT preparation book. Though most SAT apps are free, other cost money for you to use them.

What Constitutes a Good Sat App?

What are some of the particular qualities you need to search for in an SAT prep app?

1. Good End-User Experience

When you are looking for good SAT apps, you should look for one that is easy to use and navigate. There are some SAT practice apps, that have texts that are hard to read. Other apps are hard to set up making it tough to make out the different functions and navigate them. What should you then do in such a case? Find one that is easy to set up and navigate.

2. Lots of Practice Questions

To help you hone your skills, the most ideal SAT apps will provide many practice questions for students. The questions need to use the format and same difficulty as used on the official SAT prep tests. Why is this important? Furthermore, solid questions can offer you with exhaustive answer explanations thus helping you know how to approach and correctly answer them.

3. Lessons and Questions Are Separated by Specific Topics

The ideal SAT app will separate content instruction and prep questions with more specific subjects than simply Math, Writing and Reading. By knowing the topics that you require extra help, you need to know just where to look. What do you look for? For instance, when you require extra assistance with comma rules, it should be easy to find practice questions or instructions to help with that particular content area.

4. Thorough Content Instructions

The best SAT app will distinctly teach you about the material you want to study so you pass in the SAT. Once you do a lesson or read an answer explanation, it should offer you thorough instructions to omit any lingering confusion on the topic. Good SAT apps will clarify topics and explain them thoroughly. After starting with little knowledge on the topic, on using the app, you have sufficient knowledge to respond to related SAT questions correctly.

The Five Best SAT Apps

Which apps can you use in studying for your SAT? Below is a look at 5 that will benefit you. And you don’t have to pay to get them.

Ready4 SAT

It is definitely among the best prep apps. And it has these attribute:

Sufficient content instructions
Sixty SAT lessons
Mock SAT section with about 100 questions
Numerous virtual flashcards
Complete explanations to answers
1,000+ practice questions

At first, you do a short 10-question test for diagnosis so the app will build a course of instructions for you. But, since this test doesn’t have a lot of questions, it might not accurately find out your actual SAT skill level.

What’s the downside of this app? First, it offers rather brief content instruction, so this is not enough when you are having a hard time on a specific topic. Neither is the end-user experience ideal. What does this mean? For Writing and Reading, passages and questions have been placed on different screens. Also, it’s a little hard to find the underlined sections of the passages when doing the Writing questions.

Finally, this whole app isn’t really free. Though you may access some features without paying, you will have to spend $19.99 to get a premium account when you wish to have the full experience.

Daily Practice for the New SAT

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It is the official prep app by College Board. Each day this app provides new practice questions, that can be from any topic. This element will not assist you when it covers a subject you already know.

Why opt for this app? The questions are arranged by sections and may be arranged by difficulty level or the posting date. This official SAT app has a function that allows you to scan the official SAT prep test you have done and have it corrected.

Is this reliable for students? Regrettably, most end-users have complained about the scanning since it does not work well. Therefore, be careful of this possible issue prior to using this app.

Generally, the app is solid since it provides questions and explanations that have been approved by the College Board. However, it does not have exhaustive content instructions and has a limited number of questions.

Khan Academy

This SAT practice app by Khan Academy gives access to a portion of their SAT prep website. This app offers you good quality video instructions which will take you through several practice problems connected to SAT topics.

These videos offer a good way of improving your knowledge of content and the ability to answer SAT questions. On the flip side, the app does not give actual SAT prep questions for students to do.

Is this app best for students? On the whole, you could choose to just use their website to have access to these practice questions as well as everything else on offer by the Khan Academy.

SAT Exam Practice Test / SAT Test Practice Q & A

This SAT app has a free version which has 300 practice questions. However, when you spend $0.99-$1.00, you can access a total of 471 questions, access to the “ SAT Genius Expert” and a mock SAT.

Why should you choose this app? The good thing with this app it offers many realistic Math preparation questions and possibly the best end-user experience than all the apps on this listing.

However, the negatively, explanations to questions are not great, and it does not have an actual strategy or content instruction. Also, stay off the Language & Vocab, Critical Reading, and Word Knowledge questions entirely.

Why is this so? These questions do not use passages and do not offer actual Writing and Reading questions similar to the SAT.

SAT Up – New SAT Practise Test

This SAT app starts by giving a diagnostic test, also it allows you to enter your target score and the test date. It is among the few SAT practice apps which customize a program depending on the responses you give.

Why choose this app for your prep? This app will offer you lots of quality questions for your preparation.

On the negative, this app has some major drawbacks. To start with, you will need to do all their diagnostic tests prior to being able to start learning the available content.

Additionally, the given practice questions do not actually have explanations. In its place, this app promotes tutoring for a charge of $50/hr.

In Closing

When you have the SAT preparation app on your tablet or phone, you will easily study for your SAT anytime you want. But in order to make the most of these apps, make sure you know the one that will work best for you. What should you go for? Be sure to find one that helps you improve your knowledge of your problem areas.

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