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Teaching Kids to Understand the Importance of Being Environmentally-Friendly

At present, it important to have more people becoming more aware of the environment. Knowing the basics of being environmentally-friendly and a “green” lifestyle is the best way to help care for the natural world. The best time to start teaching kids is in childhood.

Though the scope of caring for the natural world may seem overwhelming to children, especially when you consider the reach of the issues facing their generation as well as the complexity of the many issues pertaining to the environment.

How then can you help kids become more aware of the environment? By introducing kids while they are still young and beginning with the basic concepts, you will help them become more aware of the environment.

Though celebrating our wonderful planet is essential, but you need to be honoring our planet throughout the year, and not for one day only! Earth Day works as a reminder of everything our planet is doing for us, and all that you need to do to preserve and protect it. Though Earth Day is an ideal time to turn the plans into action, do your best to follow these goals during the whole school year.

Why do you need to this? Doing so will get you started to reduce your carbon traces in no time!

How to Teach Your Children to be Green

The easiest way to educate school children is the concept of cleaning after themselves. This will be translated easily to the environment. Have kids help you collect litter as you are doing outdoors activities. Having a bag ready as you go for walks. When this habit is started while the kids are still young will help kids have an inclination to protect and keep the environment clean.

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Another way to help kids become aware of the importance of caring for our environment is by the decision made in our lives. This includes the things you buy. As a consumer, purchases you make have the power to affect corporate decisions based on your spending choices. This way kids can be influenced by showing them that you are mindful of the types of products you buy.

When can you start teaching your kids?

1. Start Young

Make sure that you give your child lots of chances to interact with nature. Frequently, take them outside, going into the woods, or close to the water when possible. Visit some state or national parks when you can, or remain close to home. Being in nature will have a big impact on your kids.

By discussing with kids regarding why you buy certain things and why you avoid others is essential. For instance, you could discuss with your child regarding why to avoid unreasonable packaging or ways that disposable things create lots of trash.

You can also discuss the purchase of quality products which will last for a long time, instead of purchasing cheaply-made goods that have to be replaced frequently. Assisting kids be more aware of these kinds of options — and companies that are engaged in environmentally-friendly activities. Why is important? This will help children be more aware of the environment.

2. Read Books To Create Awareness On Environment

Besides being a resource to entertain children, books are great for educating them too. Numerous studies have indicated that reading to children or even motivating them to read for themselves is crucial. It stimulates imagination, expands their vocabulary and develops their I.Q. Furthermore, it enhances their attention span and grows their logical and analytical thinking.

A very important aspect of books is the power to educate children. From books, kids can learn to differentiate between right and wrong. At present, the environment and concerns around the environment have increasingly become important.

How can books regarding this subject? Books offer children a great resource for educating children about this subject. For instance, kids can read social studies books which offer insights on ways to care for and protect the environment.

3. Integrate With School

Besides teaching children social studies in schools. There are more ways that kids can learn to be Eco-conscious. What other ways can kids be shown to extend this practices to school?

• Opt for For Eco-Friendly school supplies
Some of the elements in the standard school supplies are degrading to the environment. Fortunately, because of the increased awareness of the environment, many companies have started making eco-friendly supplies for schools. This includes things like crayons to staplers.

• Packing Lunch
A great place to start is having kids pack their lunches in containers that are reusable. If they are excited about their Ecolunchbox, it’s probable they will lead more Eco-conscious in life. This also offers parents a chance to teach children about the importance of organic food. These have little exposure to pesticides. It means they have a positive impact on the environment.

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Take Public Transport or Walk To School
How does this help the environment? By taking public transport or walking, you will be reducing the emissions amount in the air. Opting to use the local bus will help too. You can also force yourself to be walking to school two to three days a week. By end of school year, you might opt for the fresh air than to sit in a stuffy car.

Reduce Paper Consumption

Over the last decade, the trend has been towards having paperless classrooms. So, what if you continue the practice on a personal level? There will be some things you would like to have printed or on paper. Even then try to minimize how much paper is used in class. Use a laptop for taking notes, print double-sided. Also, use an online scheduler or calendar to organize your assignments.

At present many schools are embracing technology as a way to go green. Use of iPad and laptops in schools has made learning easier and will make children more environmentally-friendly. In adopting paperless, some schools are going beyond how they utilize educational technology. As a way to find a lasting solution to reduce paper consumption.

In what ways can you make your school environmentally-friendly?
Use digital resources to replace paper-based ones
Opt for technology with long battery life and low-energy consumption
Inspire students to look for new ways of introducing digital tools
Start a recycling program in your class for used electronics and paper

Start An Environmental Club With Friends

When your school does not have an environmental club. What can you do to change this? You can take this chance to start one! With a student-run club committed to “going green” can be a fantastic way to gain traction. From this, a school can implement neighborhood-wide or school-wide environmental initiatives.

In what ways are these initiatives important? They will make it possible for you to meet like-minded individuals who are about preserving the environment.

Additionally, you will be able to help teach others regarding the value of sustainability as a whole. Let’s look at some campaigns that you can start at your school, shall we?

Carry out an energy audit in your school
Start a vegetable garden on the school grounds
Have environmental films to show like planet earth, an inconvenient truth, and too hot not to handle
Have a litter committee (designate 10 students every week to collect all the trash in the school compound. They are then to throw it in the recycling and the garbage bins)


Though leading by example can be important in teaching kids how to take care of the environment. Deciding to buy goods from those companies that are engaged in and have environmental initiatives can play a key role.

This is only one feature of ways that you may show your kids why taking care of the environment is essential for you. This should also be something that can be done every day.

At present, there is more emphasis placed on conserving the environment. Since the hole found in the ozone layer seems to be growing bigger each day. The best way possible that everyone can ensure the planet stays healthy going forward. It is making sure that the children are taught how they can be Eco-conscious. In addition that they come to love the earth.

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