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Students Posting Their Teachers on Social Media: What is Wrong?

Students nowadays use social media daily to share about their lives, which revolve largely around their school life.

If they are not careful, they can make the mistake of oversharing which could even affect their teachers. There are many dangers that can surface when students post about their teachers on social media.

In this article, I will discuss this pressing issue.

Social media gives students the liberty to upload any photo or video for the public’s view. This can take a negative turn when they post materials that are damaging to one’s reputation as what goes on the internet, stays on the internet. 

Should students upload something regretful, the materials are prone to others’ possessions through screenshots, saving the media, etc., and they cannot undo their actions. 

Since student life mostly revolves around the classroom, students who are bored within the four walls will seek entertainment from the people around them — and that includes their friends and teachers.

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Cheeky students love to sneakily take pictures or videos of their teachers, usually in an unglamourous light, because they think that it is funny. However, these photos can be damaging to the teacher’s reputation and they can also be taken out of context.

Teachers carry a huge responsibility in not only educating but also ensuring the wellbeing of students while upholding a professional image at all times. Should there be any compromise to their reputation, they could suffer from heavy consequences because they are in the education sector.

I once saw a TikTok video filmed by a student documenting how her teacher was treating her to a meal. Even though she tried hard to explain that the teacher’s kind act came out of pure intentions, the audience only believes what they see, and what they want to believe. The comments section was full of negative assumptions and speculations.

When students post negatively about their teachers, it would of course get the teacher in trouble and tarnish their reputation. However, when students post about their teacher’s kind acts towards them, it can also be seen as favouritism or even grooming.

The danger also lies in how the teachers do not have a chance to explain or defend themselves when they are being defamed. Worse, they might not even know that they were being posted online and became the subject of rumours.

In some schools, this has been a serious problem and any student caught having photos or videos of their teachers on their phones can be dealt with seriously.

What should students do?

Students need to be very careful about what they’re posting on social media as they could underestimate the impact of their actions on the internet.

They should always consult the person that they’re featuring on their social media for proper consent on posting and also to consult a trusted adult on whether the materials are appropriate.

Exercise T.H.I.NK:

T: Is it true?

H: Is it helpful?

I: Is it inspiring?

N: Is it necessary?

K: Is it kind?

To be safe, students should refrain from integrating their teachers with their online life.

How can parents help?

As the ones closest to their children, parents need to take responsibility in supervising their children’s actions, especially on the internet.

Educate your children about the dangers of social media and the importance of consent and doing what’s right. You wouldn’t want your child to be the cause of a teacher losing their job, plus your child having a bad record.

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In the past, barely any students had mobile phones and even if they did, they were not allowed at school. However, society has progressed and students now rely on their devices for even their education.

Now that most students have access to the world through their small devices, a lot needs to be done in terms of educating proper internet use. 

Students should make use of being able to have their phones in schools for the right reasons and understand the severity of misusing social media.

Rum Tan

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