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Learn Hindi Through Music: Kids-Friendly Songs that will have you tapping your feet

Learning a language is about the multiple and different ways used at one go – its an assault from all directions! Yes, this means homework and books. But also it involves the immersion through, chatting, games, movies and of course songs!

Songs are a grand way to go as your child learns Hindi. This is because the songs are catchy and short. Meaning non-Hindi speakers are able to simply repeat the words and look legitimate.

The most essential part of learning any language is speaking with natives. The second being self-study. And songs are a grand way of self-study since they make the study sessions enjoyable.

How can you use music to help your child learn Hindi?

Find What Is Kid- Appropriate

It is the hardest part since nobody writes about it!

Certainly, what all the kid’s songs that were traditionally learned do not meet the criteria. Also, Bollywood might talk about a lot more than “Pyaar” and pining for each other. So the way to go is old-school. At least the songs won’t be offensive.

How you can Teach Through Songs

Introduce only the first couple of lines of that song and the chorus (do not show videos when it is not needed!) Then give the meaning of the keywords. For example, “Mera Joota Hai Japani” – inform that “mera joota” is Hing for “my shoe,” and “Japani” is “Japanese”

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Note: Use some actions for each word – and now watch as the kids get sucked in the current of Indian music (actions work since it helps them remember words better).

Without much ado, Here is a list of 6 kids proven-fun songs that are appropriate for kids that will always be a hit! Let’s get started!

#1 – Dadi Amma Dadi Amma

Your kid might get confused this song seems to appease granny. The is song wonderful and tells of the solutions to impressing an angry mom, dad or granny. It teaches filial piety and respectful towards your elderly.

#2 – Phoolon Ka Taaron Ka

It is the best sister – brother track. Regardless of the many arguments and fights, you may have, you know that your brother is always there for you to the end. A great song for kids and educational too.

#3 – Mannu Bhai Motor Chali

The song is about Mannu Bhai a businessman who was forcibly taken for a ride in Bombay. Here he and his friend Rishi would go to Chowpatty beach, have some snacks and flirt with beautiful girls. The song is chirpy.

#4 – Aaj Main Upar Aasmaan Hai Neeche

This song is about love and how people in love seem to be riding a cloud in their young love. A young man sings of how he feels soaring in the cloud and he wonders asking God what he should do.

#5 – Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahi

The story is about the life of Jasmeet, a simple looking young woman from Mumbai. Jassi works hard to care for her family but she eventually faces rejection because of her looks. She later finds her strength after facing difficulties in life and at work. And triumphs over all who made fun of her.

Learning songs in your target language is an incredibly useful tool for your language goals

When songs are used in learning the Hindi language, there are some reasons and factors that make it work. Here we take a look at why a song is a useful tool for learning a language.

It is Sticky
Have you ever felt like a song is stuck in your head? Music seems to stick in your brain – it is why a song is used in teaching languages.

How can you use this? It helps students learn new words. Many people who love music normally listen to a favorite song over and over until they know the words by heart. The repetition, that comes from a catchy tune, is what you can use to learn new words and phrases.

The word will stick in your head so you are not able to be rid of them. Chart and grammar are not required!

It is Portable
It is possible for you to take your music with you anywhere you go. Different from movies, textbooks, or conversation partners. Have your playlist at hand n your phone. This allows you to listen to favorite songs in any language you want to learn.

So whenever you have some minutes free. Make sure you listen actively; and pay attention to words, cadence, and pronunciation for maximum benefit.

Singing Songs will help Improve Your Pronunciation
The one benefit of singing along to songs that you love is it makes it easy for you to learn the correct pronunciation.

At the same time, you will be picking up new words, therefore, increasing your bank of vocabulary.

Lyrics Help in Learning Vocabulary in a Context
By learning how a new word is used in sentences can be a major way for a child to learning to speak the Hindi language in real life. It is hard for you to learn isolated words in Hindi language and you expect to be fluent.

Look for a way. Even when you can download a Hindi language dictionary into the brain. Still, that will not work in making you a good Hindi is possible you will not have any clue on how to bring words together to make a complete sentence.

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Take Away

Listening to Hindi songs will give you something that you cannot get from any number of vocabulary list will: context for words. You will hear how the different words are made use of in our daily life.

When you are able to learn an entire sentence together with the English translation. Then you will be learning how to apply complex grammar with no need to memorize any of the rules underneath it.

Meaning that you are standing to understand and speak the Hindi language more like the native speakers, and you will do this within a shorter time than what you would take using another study method.

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