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How to Look Forward to Studying in Your Room

We all know that one of the hardest challenges you will face as a student is to gain and sustain the motivation to study at your desk. 

It is a constricted space where you have to push yourself to sit for hours on end and try to stay focused — not much fun.

But, good news! I’ve consolidated five simple but effective ways that are proven to help you to make your home way more inviting to study in.


Keep only the essentials

As they say, a cluttered space is a cluttered mind. Lots of research has shown that the state of your room can affect the way your brain functions.

Tips to ensure that your study area is kept neat:

1. Do regular cleaning sessions! Set a time every week or month to keep your space in check and throw out unnecessary things.

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2. There are definitely going to be some things that you want to keep but rarely use. Stash these keepsakes, or things that have just been lying around, somewhere hidden, perhaps in a box or in your cabinet. Only place what you really need and will regularly use in your study area.

3. You don’t need many decorations to make your room look nice. In fact, having to decorate your room can stress you out as you will constantly need to keep up with the same theme or have difficulties matching the decorations. A minimalistic setup can give you clarity and make you feel at ease.

Get organisational furniture

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Have you been just stashing all your things at the corner of your table or into a box? Not only does this make it difficult for you to find the things that you need, but it’s also going to be very unsightly. 

Don’t underestimate the power of organising your things with boxes or drawers with compartments — it can save you a lot of time when you know where everything is and also make everything look way neater.

Tip: Stack upwards to save more space! Instead of just laying everything out side-by-side, get stackable drawers or boxes so that you can store more without taking up as much space.

Search online for inspiration

If you’re having trouble deciding on your room’s layout, technology has helped us to learn a trick or two without having to visit physical stores or hire an interior designer.

Doing a simple online search on the type of room you’re looking to achieve can give you tons of ideas and inspiration, while still giving you the authority to customise your room however you want.

Some ideas that you can search for include: Minimalist study room, Princess study room, Ergonomic study room.

Tip: Have a favourite colour? Search up the complementary colours that you can work with to make your room somewhere that you would love to be in. Customising your room to your liking can lift your mood!

A pleasant-looking room can motivate you and improve your productivity

Light a candle

There are reasons why lighting up a candle while studying is a trend among students.

Lighting a candle can help you to study better by stimulating your brain and associating your learning with the calming smell, which can help you to retain information better.

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There are many different types of candle scents, with some that can even help you to improve your concentration, reduce stress etc.

Besides its practical benefits, a candle is also aesthetically pleasing as the warm, orange flame accompanies you while you work through the hours.

Air purifier

Having a room that has poor ventilation and feels stuffy can make you feel suffocated or claustrophobic and want to avoid studying in it.

So, it’s also important to ensure that your room has a good atmosphere and feels fresh and inviting.

Using an air purifier can filter and ventilate fresh air so that you have the motivation to study hard.


Many students overlook the importance of keeping their room compatible for their academic ‘battles’ and simply choose to study outside when they have no motivation to study at home.

But it might actually be better for you to study in the comfort of your own home where you have all your materials, without needing to pack lots of things to travel outside to study.

You can try to make studying at home a less dreadful process by switching up your room so that you will enjoy working in it. Having an inviting environment to study in can have a greater impact on your motivation than you may think!

Good luck!

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