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Home Tuition Singapore: Choosing Your Tutor Category

Tutor Category

One of the first decisions you have to make when finding a home tutor is what kind of home tutor you want to engage. Our tutors are categorized into three categories – part-time, full-time, and school teachers. To find out more about each type of tutor, click here.

How do you choose the right tutor category?

There is no single correct answer to this question. We have compiled 3 key questions you need to ask yourself in order to decide which tutor category to choose.

1. What are you willing to spend for the sake of your child’s education?

Generally, if budget is not a concern for you, we’ll almost always recommend Full-Time Tutors or School Teachers. These tutors charge higher for a simple reason – they are more experienced and qualified to help your child get the most out of tuition.

If budget is a concern, as it will be for the majority of Singaporeans, then you need to think deeper.

2. How much can you afford to gamble?

Make no mistake, engaging a private tutor is a big gamble. Whilst a good tuition agency can try our best to source and engage a suitable tutor, there’s always a risk of things not turning out the way we want it to be for a multitude of reasons.

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The real cost of ineffective tuition is not just the tuition fees paid but the time lost. In today’s unforgiving, lightning-paced learning environment, it is crucial that your child receives the best tuition they can receive and not lose out on any time to race ahead of their peers.

For example, if your child is taking a major examation this year (PSLE, O Level, or A Level), can you afford to waste 3 months engaging an ineffective tutor?

Engaging a higher qualified tutor maximises your chances of matching with a good tutor.

3. What works best for your child?

Sometimes, engaging a more qualified tutor may not lead to better results. Shocking, but true. It is crucial as a parent to think from your child’s perpective and what works best for them.

For instance, if your child is only in lower primary and is quite shy, perhaps a part-time undergraduate female tutor may be able to relate better to your child get him/her to open up as a younger tutor is usually less intimidating than an older teacher who may be more strict and traditional.

Apart from age and demographics, you can make a better decision by delving deeper into your child’s needs. For example, if your child works very hard but fails to score well in exams, a full-time tutor or MOE teacher might be much more effective than engaging a part-time tutor as what your child needs is someone experienced and familiar with the exam techniques required to score in exams.

At the end of the day, one of the biggest advantages of private tuition is that it’s 1-to-1 and very personal. Ask yourself what works best for your child and engage someone that fits the bill!

Rum Tan

Rum Tan is the founder of SmileTutor and he believes that every child deserves a smile. Motivated by this belief and passion, he works hard day & night with his team to maintain the most trustworthy source of home tutors in Singapore. In his free time, he writes articles hoping to educate, enlighten, and empower parents, students, and tutors. You may try out his free home tutoring services via or by calling 6266 4475 directly today.