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Find the Best Home Tutor For Your Child

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The old adage is true; every parent wants the best for their child. Over the years, from insisting on lengthy conference calls to walk-in interviews with prospective tutors, we have witnessed parents try every method in town in an effort to find the best home tutors when engaging home tutors for their children.

Engaging a home tutor has become like a long, tedious job interview and hiring a private tutor akin to hiring a new employee for your business.

Parents seem to think that by being extremely choosy, they will find and attract the best tutors for their child. Unfortunately, there’s nothing further than the truth.

We’re not saying that hiring a tutor is a trivial task. It’s not. In fact, it is very important and can have a huge impact on your child’s education. It’s important enough that we’re passionate enough to start a business to help you hire a good tutor.

But the problem lies herein – your tutor is NOT your employee!

Yes, you heard us right. A tutor, contrary to what some parents may believe, is not their employee. He or she does not have the same contractual obligations that an employee under a contract of service has, and guess what? A tutor can actually quit teaching anytime they deem fit and stop responding to texts anytime. They can’t sued over the court of law because of dropping a tuition assignment!

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So if a tutor can’t be forced to work for you like an employee, don’t you agree it’s best that we shift our mentality towards hiring, attracting, and keeping a tutor?

The problem with being extremely choosy and having very high demands is that is puts off tutors. Tutors are humans too. The best tutors are already in high demand, so if you put yourself in their shoes, wouldn’t you rather invest your effort and time teaching a kid whose mum or dad shows generous appreciation and trust in your teaching, rather than constantly micro-manage you?

Certainly, you need to have some expectations and questions upfront about the tutor you’re looking for. Decide upfront on what type of tutor and qualifications you expect, and communicate your demands to your coordinator.

Our coordinators are experienced and industry-trained, and we can best advice you on what kind of expectations to have when finding the best home tutor for your child. So let us engage your tutors for you, and give your new tutor some time to adapt to your child.

You’ll be surprised – less is often more when it comes to tutor hiring practices.

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