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6 Things Singapore Parents Need To Know About Secondary 1 Math

Math is the bane of many students and in Singapore, where math is seen as a vital subject to bolster a child’s future, students have to be able to keep up with the country’s educational model and syllabus to improve their mathematical ability.

For parents whose children are unable to keep up with math’s difficulty, it is an uncertain time when one’s child enters another grade level and faces a different level of math classes. The uncertainty increases once the child finishes Primary 6 and now face Secondary 1, a totally different type of math children may find daunting to learn.

With this uncertainty in mind, many parents tend to locate special math tuition or a math tutor for their children to get past the hurdles of secondary math. However, some parents tend to question how different Secondary 1 Math is from Primary 6 Math and if their child is ready to tackle Secondary 1 Math. Would special tuition and tutors help their kids pass Secondary math?

As a math tutor, here are the things you need to explain to parents when it comes to understanding Secondary 1 Math and why getting a special math tuition through tutoring for their children would benefit them.

Skills Needed To Pass Primary 6 Are NOT The Same As Secondary 1

Children are taught in Primary 6 on how they can solve word problems by determining which of the 12 concepts were used in the problem. Once they understand the concepts and how they can be solved, they can easily score high points in their math tests.

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However, Secondary 1 Math focuses on Topics rather than concepts. The syllabus would discuss topics like whole numbers, angles, speed, volume and others rather than just word problems.

Getting a specialised Secondary School tutor can help children learn these topics easier and develop the skills necessary to solve Secondary 1 problems.

Secondary School Teachers Are Unlike Primary School Teachers

Like when a child enters a new school where they are unfamiliar with how the school works, Secondary 1 teachers do not have any experience when it comes to what their students’ primary school math included and how it was taught. As a result, the teacher would assume that the child can pick up on the topics being discussed easily even if they are unfamiliar to the student.

Some secondary school teachers may even teach their lessons in a different way, which may conflict with how the child was taught to understand and solve problems in primary school. Over time, students may find it difficult to grasp Secondary 1 Math and take months before they can understand it.

If this happens to the child, they may find it difficult to remain focused in class and lose interest in math.

Getting a tutor can help these children understand the topics like how they are taught in primary school. Tutors can even help the child develop a different approach to understanding the problems even if their teacher teaches a different method.

Success or Failure in PSLE Has Virtually No Bearing On Success Or Failure in Secondary School

Even if the child was able to score well in their PSLE, Secondary 1 has a different syllabus which is not included in the PSLE. The child would need to keep on studying to understand the new concepts taught in Secondary 1 and develop the skills necessary to keep up with the workload. If the child did not score well in PSLE, they may find Secondary 1 a way to improve their abilities and show their potential.

Tutors can help children move past their PSLE mindset and prepare them for their Secondary 1 classes.

Most Parents Cannot Teach Their Kids Secondary Math

Some parents would like to teach their children at home and help them with their homework. However, Secondary math is not very easy to teach considering the advanced nature of the topics it covers. Some parents may not even be familiar with topics like Algebraic Equations, Geometry, Inequalities and others since it was not originally taught to them before.

Getting a tutor familiar with all these topics would guarantee to parents that their children would be able to learn their secondary math lessons with ease.

The ‘Right Start’ Makes Secondary 1 Easier

In any life situation, people face today, having an early start is preferred as one gets to do more throughout the day and start early on tasks scheduled for the next day. If one begins late, they may end up having to catch up with their work or cram it just to ensure they do not have to worry about it the next day.

This mindset is also applicable for students, especially now that they are in their Secondary 1 level. Having a tutor would help the student prepare for their lessons in advance and review before their tests. When a student is well-prepared, they will be able to keep up with their studies and not lag behind.

Preparation For Secondary 1 Works Best When It’s Fun

Secondary 1 classes may be a bit monotonous to some students and cause them to lose interest in their classes.

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However, this can be prevented by having tutors who can teach the same lessons to children but in a way that is more fun and easier to understand. Some tutors may even use interactive lessons to help their pupils be ready for their Secondary 1 classes and still find it fun to learn these hard topics.


With mathematics valued as an important subject in Singapore, parents must be able to help their children keep up with Singapore’s math level. By seeking the assistance of math tutors like us, we can assure parents that we can help their children learn the different concepts taught in secondary school and help them succeed. If we do not offer our expertise, these children would be lost and unable to keep up with their peers.

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