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6 Cool Stationery Products That You Probably Don’t Know Exist

Looking to do stationery shopping during the holidays to prepare for the new school term? Tired of getting the same ol’ products? You’ve come to the right article.

Stationery is an integral part of every student’s life. It is so important — you need it to write and do effective notes — yet, it can also be something really fun and add so much colour (literally) to your student life.

With the continual advancement of technology, stationery products have only been becoming more creative and making the lives of students easier.

If you’re interested in finding out whether any type of stationery can motivate you and spice up your school life, read on.

Magnetic marker pens

Taken from Vat19

Do you love to collect a wide range of colours for your marker pens, but find it difficult to locate the colour that you need?

This invention can help you. There are marker pens with in-built magnets that allow them to easily stick to each other — not just side by side, but also top to bottom!

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Not only does this help you ensure that all your marker pens stay in one place, but it also lets you have fun with your marker pens by creating structures etc. Unleash your creativity!

Bullet-free stapler

Taken from JetPens

When you think of staplers, you would probably think of the small metal hook holding your papers together.

But there are many cons to using metal staplers:

  • It can get jammed and you have to spend time trying to fix it
  • You may have forgotten to refill your stapler bullets and if you didn’t bring extra, you can’t use your stapler
  • Bringing around a box of stapler bullets takes up extra space in your pencil case
  • Buying stapler bullets is an extra cost
  • Using stapler bullets every time you stapler is wasteful and not eco-friendly

The solution? Bullet-free staplers! 

It cuts out a hole in your papers and fits the cut-out into a small slit, so your papers are holding themselves together on their own, with no refills of other materials needed.

Stapler papers into a booklet

Taken from Marie’s Kawaii World

Do you need to make a paper booklet? Do you want to make one of your own without having to get it done at a store?

You can have a stapler of your own that can create the paper booklets that you need.

These staplers can be rotated to reach deep into the spine of your papers and plant the stapler bullet, right down in the middle, perfectly.

This stapler is the solution for you to create your own professional-looking pamphlets for projects, notes etc.

Coloured mechanical pencil leads

Taken from JetPens

Yes, we know of the typical colour pencils that need to be sharpened. But there are actually coloured mechanical pencil leads too.

Here are the benefits:

  • You don’t have to fuss about sharpening all your colour pencils
  • You can have different colours in one mechanical pencil
  • You can retract the leads so they won’t stain your pencil case

Breakable tabs

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Taken from JetPens

Need to mark a certain part of a page, but if you put your tab at the side, you can’t store your book without getting the side tabs crumpled?

A genius invention has solved this problem. You can now choose to break the tab up: a small piece that can mark the exact location of where you want to pin, and another page tab that can stick out at the top.

Now, you can find the page and the exact location you want to mark, easily.

Compact scissors

Taken from Marie’s Kawaii World

Many of us may leave out a pair of scissors in our pencil cases because the handle is just so big and takes up so much space. 

The good news is that now, carrying a pair of scissors with you everywhere you go is so convenient. There are compact scissors that are so small that they can fit into your hand, and are even smaller than your regular pens!

Final words

There’s nothing like the excitement of getting new stationery, especially before the start of a new school term. 

These smart inventions that I’ve just introduced to you are created with students’ struggles in mind and will make your student life just a little less tough.

If any of the products I recommended sparked your interest, you can do an online search on the types available and purchase it from the store of your choice! Get your hands on these genius inventions.

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