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15 Best Educational Hulu Movies and TV Shows for Kids

Are you looking for educational entertainment for your children? If yes, then you are at the right place as we have covered the 15 best TV shows and movies on Hulu that target kids as their main audience and serve a learning purpose for them as well.

Chris Mack, Streaming Editor of, has discussed how the addition of educational shows for children has contributed to the popularity of Hulu. He believes that “the content diversity on Hulu is attracting new subscribers worldwide, and the children-friendly content is making Hulu a popular streaming platform among kids.”

Hulu has a massive collection of content catering to all audiences. It also has TV shows and movies that solely target children as their main audience. Our compilation of the best Hulu shows and movies for children are as follows:

#15 Blippi’s Snowflake Scavenger Hunt

Watch the adventures of Blippi as he goes on a holiday to three different locations to find out who sent his Secret Snowflake present. Your kid will learn through Blippi’s adventure and will enjoy the movie as a learning experience, as it is quite entertaining as well. This movie is suitable for kids and toddlers alike.

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#14 How It’s Made

How It’s Made is a tech series that would serve as the best learning experience for your kids as they will learn how different items are manufactured in big-scale factories around the world. If your kid is into creativity and tools, then this show is a must-watch for your child.

#13 Journey to the South Pacific

A 40 minutes documentary that features an underwater journey to Indonesia. Your child will learn about the various underwater creatures, and if he has a fascination with big fish like Whales or has the interest to learn about ferocious sharks, then they will definitely love this movie. Not only will it teach them about the sea inhabitants, but they will also learn about the voyages underwater and much more.

#12 Scratch Garden: Smiles & Smarts

Another show for toddlers and young kids, which is filled with the learning adventures of their favorite cartoon characters. Smiles & Smarts is an edition of Scratch Garden available on Hulu, which shows educational videos, and combines learning and entertainment together so that your kid will be entertained and will also learn a lot.

#11 A Beautiful Planet

A Beautiful Planet is a documentary made in cooperation with NASA, and it features a stunning image of Earth from outer space. Your kid will learn about space, planets, and science as the documentary shows the footage of Earth. You can watch this movie on Hulu in the UK as well. It also teaches how humans have affected our very own planet.

#10 Adoption Day

Adoption Day is a family series based on the life of a dog who leaves his shelter and becomes a part of a new family. It will teach your children the importance of adopting helpless pets and will impose the feelings of love and care for animals in their little hearts.

#9 Dora and the Lost City of Gold

After Dora the Explorer animated series, which itself was quite an impressive TV show for teaching toddlers and little kids, Dora comes back in a movie, this time targetting the kids and young teenage audience. The film explores Dora’s adventures as she leads her friends with her monkey to save her parents and resolve the mystery behind the lost city of gold.

#8 Horrible Histories

A comedy series that is made for both kids and parents as it rolls through the funniest and even ghastly events in human history. Horrible Histories is based upon the best-selling books for children and is quite entertaining and informative at the same time. It also teaches the importance of diversity and inclusion to prevent terrible events in history from repeating.

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#7 Shark Week

Shark Week explores the world of sharks underwater, as it shows the fierce fish hunting down other marine animals. Your children will learn about the deadly fish, its history, and its characteristics in this intriguing show.

#6 I Am Greta

This documentary shows the journey of Greta Thunberg, a teenage climate activist, through a different lens. Your child will get inspired by the young teenage activist and will care for his/her surroundings more. Greta was a shy student with Asperger’s syndrome, but she became a global icon with her efforts against climate activism

#5 Tanked

Another marine TV show, which follows the biggest aquarium-making company in the US. Your child will learn about how different-sized aquarium tanks are made for big and small fishes. A learning experience for your children that is based upon aquarium-making and fishes. It is one of the best shows on Hulu.

#4 Leapfrog Letter Factory

A show dedicated to toddlers; it tells the stories of characters including Leap, Tad, Lily, and their friends. It unravels their journey as they find out that everything and place has its own story. It will teach your child to use his imagination creatively, hence polishing his creativity skills. It also improves your child’s language skills.

#3 Bob Ross – The Joy of Painting

Bob Ross teaches the art of colors in this artistic TV series. Each episode runs for around twenty-six minutes and focuses on art and creativity, as he uses different brushes to paint walls, papers and does creative stuff. This show is a must-watch for creative children and for those who are into arts & crafts.

#2 Apollo: Back to the Moon

Kids and their parents who are into Sci-Fi and have a fascination with space should watch this documentary film. Your kids will learn about the space and visually experience the mission’s key stages thanks to the 3D reenactment. The makers of this documentary have used digital techniques to restore the adventure of travelling to the moon. You can watch this documentary on Hulu using a VPN from anywhere.

#1 MasterChef Junior

This reality kids series is made for all culinary fans. A series that is loved by both the parents and their children; shows children between the ages of 8 and 13, compete against each other by showing their art via making challenging dishes and surprising the judges and audiences alike. If your child is into cooking, this show will serve as a learning experience and inspire him to get better and display his art to the world.

Final Words

The best way to teach your children is by combining entertainment and education together. We have created the list shared in this article after watching and analyzing hundreds of different shows and movies for children. The shows and movies shared in our list are all made exclusively for the learning and entertainment purposes of children and their parents alike.

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