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10 Books to Boost Your Online Tutoring Game

In April, COVID-19 forced Singapore schools to close down temporarily. Everyone was learning by online lessons.

Although students are returning to physical lessons now, some are continuing with online lessons. 

Online tuition is different from face-to-face tuition and there are some specific skillsets to know if you want to keep up with the trend and be an effective online tutor.

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To help you out with your endeavour, here are 10 books that can help improve your online tutoring skills:

The Interactive Class by Joe & Kristin Merrill

Worried about how your students will react when you utilise online learning platforms during their tutoring sessions?

With this book, Joe and Kristin Merrill answer your questions on how you can maximise technology in making the best online learning class for your young students.

They even included lesson plans and other resources that you can use for your classes if you are not so sure how to design one for your online classes.

Tip: This is a basic introductory book for tutors who are started online lessons recently. 

Excellent Online Teaching by Aaron Johnson

Aaron Johnson, in this book, focuses on the 16 traits that can help you teach students through online learning.

As you read the book, you will be given tips on how you can handle discussions and how to help students who are struggling to keep up with their online classes.

Tip: For tutors have students who are struggling with online applications with real life examples.

Small Teaching Online by James M. Lang and Flower Darby

In this book, readers will be able to learn how to teach science effectively in online classes.

Several applications of ways on how to explain theories to students online are provided in the book, plus how teachers can adjust the classes to provide support for students.

The book also explains several challenges with online learning and how it can be improved upon by the teachers.

Tip: For tutors who are struggling with teaching online, this book will present unique and specific challenges and solving them using small strategies that works. 


Balance With Blended Learning by Catlin Tucker

In this book, Catlin Tucker helps teachers and tutors alike to reach out to their students better through blended learning.

Aside from offering tips to teachers and tutors on how they can handle blended learning, it also provides tips for students on how they can master online learning and keep their parents informed about their classes.

Tip: To help tutors to actively engage with their young students in monitoring development, setting goals and how you can communicate their progress with their parents – all doing via online.

Online Teaching at Its Best by Ludwika A. Goodson and Linda B. Nilson

This book by Nilson and Goodson looks into how online teaching has shifted the way teachers utilise online learning for students. They explain to readers how to have effective home based learning and how teachers can improve their classes to help their students.

The authors also provide real-world advice to help educators to build a unique learning experience for students which they will not easily forget. There are also strategies included to help teachers consistently improve their online classes to match with their students’ needs.

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Tip: For tutors who wants a structural way to innovate in advanced course designs and teaching methodology by using pedagogical and cognitive science evidence-based practices.

Google Classroom by Emily Crawford

For tutors who are working with Google Classroom as their tutoring platform, this is the book for you.

Emily Crawford guides teachers in this book on how they can maximise their Google Classroom, how to set up an effective online classroom and how it can be effectively used by students for their classes. It also provides illustrated guides so you can easily follow it if you are not tech savvy.

Tip: For tutors who want to improve online teaching in using Google Classroom. This book highlights the tools and hidden features in Google Classroom. 

Minds Online by Michelle D. Miller

This book by Michelle Miller guides readers on how they can redesign their classes to fit the current online environment. She explains how the mind works and how online classes change the way a student learns their lessons, before addressing ways on how educators can design a syllabus that will be optimised for any student’s needs.

She also offers other tips on how to use various forms of multimedia like online games to improve student knowledge and motivate them to finish the session.

Tip: For tutors who need guidance to create and build a creative syllabus and how to motivate your students online. 

Teaching Online by Claire Howell Major

The book “Teaching Online” reflects on how educators in the tertiary level work with technology to improve the way they teach their subjects to their students and what to consider if you are also lamenting on using online platforms to teach.

She provides detailed explanations on what teachers need to do to keep their subjects relevant and how it can be done perfectly online.

Several theories and tips are included in the book to help teachers adapt their syllabus online, as well as examples from leading educational experts.

Tip: Useful for those who are tutoring in the tertiary level using advanced technology and seeking innovative ways to engage mature minds. 

99 Tips for Creating Simple and Sustainable Educational Videos by Karen Costa

If you will be utilising videos to support your student’s online tutoring classes, you will need to know the proper way on how you can do it to deliver the message and asking questions to increase participation.

With this book, Karen Costa provides readers with 99 different tips on how you can make educational videos that will surely inspire your students to study further without having to use a lot of time to do so. She will even show you how to do it with the help of your smartphone.

Tip: For tutors who are looking at teaching effectively by making your own videos to get knowledge across online. 

The Online Teaching Survival Guide by Rita-Marie Conrad and Judith V. Boettcher

Want to learn everything there is to know about online teaching and how you can survive it?

This book by Boettcher and Conrad will guide you through the intricacies of online learning and offer you ways on how to maximise it for your students. The book includes tips on how you can test your student’s mastery, improve on your lesson plans and so much more.

Tip: For tutors who are already in the game but wants to master tutoring online by covering course management, advanced course design, customising learning strategies and developing assessment techniques. 


Online learning is here to stay and even if the coronavirus pandemic is resolved, it will still be practiced by many schools. As a tutor, you have to keep up with the demand for online learning so as to increase your potential income. 

With these 10 great books, you will be able to learn great tips on how to improve your online classes for your sessions and give students plenty of reasons to keep on learning even if it is done online.

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