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10 Podcasts that will Help You Improve as a Tutor

Nowadays, podcasts are a great way for teachers and tutors alike to keep abreast of the latest educational news or new teaching techniques. Especially for tutors like you and me, we are always on the move, listening to podcast during our journey to the next student’s home is a great way to be productive. However, with the number of podcasts available, which ones would be good?

If you want to improve your tutoring skills and know-how, why not check out our top 10 favourite podcasts in your spare time.

Truth for Teachers

For teachers or tutors who are losing their focus, this podcast by Angela Watson will inspire you. It is considered as one of the best motivating podcasts for educators available on iTunes and focuses on an educator’s daily life. Watson also shares words of wisdom and facts to listeners to get them through the week.

Listeners can send in their comments for Watson to answer and ready. Some of them are even played on the air. There is also a private group dedicated to the podcast so listeners can see what goes behind the podcast’s recording.

Cult of Pedagogy

Jennifer Gonzalez’s podcast focuses on every concept imaginable that relates to teaching. She shares stories and tips for teachers and tutors to apply to their classes, no matter what level or subject they are teaching.

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She also interviews fellow teachers, parents, students and school administrators every week to discuss topics related to school and education. Sometimes, the podcast focuses on things textbooks do not normally share or teach.

House of #EdTech

In this podcast, Christopher Nesi talks about technology’s impact on education. The show also features stories from innovators and educators about educational technology and ways on how to apply it properly in the class. They also debate the pros and cons of using technology in class.

A fun tidbit about this podcast is the fact that its host is the one who founded the Education Podcast Network. The network connects all education podcasters and podcasts in one site.

Teachers That Teach

This 10-minute weekly podcast features strategies and tips that language teachers or tutors can apply in class. These techniques make sure that language classes are fun for students.

This easy-on-the-ears podcast has plenty of discussions on different methodologies and techniques on language teaching for different ages.

Teaching Matters Podcast: NPR

NPR is known for sharing podcasts about various topics from politics to social events. In this NPR podcast, it focuses on what students need when it comes to school. The podcast will discuss how tutors can sort out their students’ needs. Every episode features interviews with teachers and tutors, who will provide stories and tips on how classes can be done.

The podcast ended on October 2018, but listeners can still check out the website for back episodes. Some of the podcasts feature experts, who share their expertise about the topic and offer advice for listeners who are having trouble applying technology in their lessons.

Every Classroom Matters

This podcast is hosted by Vicki Davis and focuses on using technology in class and how it can also help improve teacher-student relations.

While this podcast’s last episode aired on January 2017, checking out its previous episodes will definitely help you build your relationship with your students. It will also help you understand what students are getting through and how to detect the signs that your students need help.

The Teachers Lounge

Sometimes, teaching can be a lot of hard work and stress one out. If it gets too much, it can cause many to lose their drive to teach.

The Teachers Lounge is a great podcast that helps teachers get advice and pep talk they need to deal with teaching and all the others.

The podcasts even share tips on how to get by difficult parents, sorting out schedules, lesson plans and many others. They even provide various scenarios on how these problems can be sorted out.

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Moving at the Speed of Creativity

This podcast is one of the oldest podcasts about education, technology and the digital world since it started in 2005. The host of this show is Wesley Fryer and in every podcast, they discuss how technology and digital literacy is changing the classroom.

It is also a good place to learn about new teaching styles that focus on the use of technology.

If readers would like to read out some of the topics discussed in the podcast, the podcast comes with free resources that can be downloaded through the official site of the podcast. Fryer even has a special video channel to help listeners with their education worries.

TEDTalks Education

TEDTalks Education is a part of the TED series and looks into what education will be like in the future.

Each podcast episode brings in the world’s top educators and leaders as they share their vision about the future of education. These talks touch on how to make a student’s life better and raise awareness on how we can create a better world of learning for our kids.

Listeners can download the transcripts of each episode so they can review each episode.

EdSurge Podcast

EdSurge Podcast is another educational podcast discussing educational technology.

The podcast discusses news, interviews and debates about the topic, as well as offer tips on how these technologies can be applied. For those who want to learn more about the topics discussed in the forecast, they can check out the podcast’s website for the full article.

The site also has updates about education and business, financing and data privacy. Fans can also join the newsletter so they are informed about the latest updates on the website.


Podcasts have a lot of potential in shaping our skills as a tutor. These 10 are just some of the podcasts you can try out. There’s a lot more online for tutors to try out. Share this page so your fellow tutors can also check out these great resources.

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