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What to Look Out for During Your Child’s CCA Orientation Day


Co-curricular activities (CCA) are a part of students’ lives. Not only do they help our children with pursuing hobbies or skills, they help create “work-life balance” while pursuing academics.

The best way to ensure that our children get the most benefit from their CCA is for them to choose one best suited for them. This is where we take advantage of CCA orientation day to guide us to help our children select the best CCA for them.

LEAPS 2.0 System


Usually, before you can start exploring the vast array of CCA options in the school, you have to take part in a briefing. In this briefing, school teachers will run through the LEAPS 2.0 system with you.

What it is, how it works, and how your child can succeed in the system. During this time, take note of all the relevant information. They will also give examples on CCAs if they are relevant in achieving LEAPS 2.0 efficiently. So make sure to visit them after the briefing.

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What CCAs are There


After the briefing, you are given time to explore the CCAs and the first thing you should do is lookout for what CCAs are out there.

There are many CCAs for your child to choose from, and there might be some unique ones, for example, fencing, equestrian, or even an aviation CCA!

Usually your child is given time after the CCA orientation day to consider their options before needing to fill in the CCA selection form. During this buffer period, discuss these options with your child and let them weigh out their options.

CCA Details


During CCA orientation day, you can interact with members of the various CCAs. This is where you take the time to enquire more about the CCA and ask for more details about the CCA sessions.

Here is the important information that you need to ask about:
1. CCA dates
2. Frequency of CCA sessions
3. Where the sessions are being held
4. Whether the location is outside the school compounds

When it is time to sit down with your child to discuss their decision, you can lay out all this information and consider it with them. This is to help them choose a CCA that they like but can still cope with and commit to wholeheartedly.

Responsibilities and Commitments


Another thing you want to look out for is what responsibilities and commitments there are in the CCA. In some CCAs, there are specific commitments like taking part in events, volunteer work or competitions.

Sometimes, your child needs to sacrifice time off their holidays or weekends to participate in such occasions (or even time off from classes). If your child is not ready to commit to this, they might want to consider choosing another CCA instead.

Leadership Opportunities

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One of the great things about joining a CCA is the possibility of attaining a leadership position. This benefits your child’s LEAPS 2.0, helps them develop their leadership skills and is a learning opportunity for them.

So ask about what leadership opportunities are there for your child in the various CCAs! Are there many positions available? What does your child need to accomplish before they can be a leader? What is the progression for leadership positions?

This helps you and your child get a clearer idea of the leadership opportunities and progression in the CCA so they know what they should aim for to get that leadership position.


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During CCA orientation day, your child may be overwhelmed by their choices. There are so many CCAs, and it will take time to weigh out the pros and cons of the CCAs before they make their decision.

I hope this article shows you what you should look out for during their CCA orientation day so that you can help your child find the right CCA. Good luck!

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